Monday, April 24, 2017

Ten Fun Things to do in a State Park

I have went to state parks my entire life either with my parents and siblings or with my own family. I enjoy everything about it from the ride out to the park to packing our little natural treasures to bring home such as special pebbles, leaves, and addresses to pen pal with other campers. The best thing I almost ever brought home was a black bear. He/she had climbed into the back seat of our little Toyota. I'm assuming he/she was after the pop tarts my youngest hid in the car to eat. Yes, I deprive him of such junk except on certain occasions, for him the occasion didn't come fast enough. Upon being called for, he left the rest of his stash and boogied for the cabin having left the car door wide open. An open car with food laying open is an undeniable invitation for a park bear! Of Course I was to chicken to deal with the bear even though he looked friendly enough. We waited til he left on his own before checking out the car. Oh what a mess he left behind. Everything that was left unpacked was in shreds. Thankfully nothing was real important or too necessary.

As I had my own children we mostly stuck with going to Allegany's Quaker Run in Cattaraugus County, N.Y. Every trip included fun for everyone. Depending on our vehicle space we would stop and get wood along the way. This made it amazingly less expensive (as with anything you may need ice, food, necessities.) I'm sure the camp store prices were to help fund the camp, but I'm just as sure we would have had to make less trips if we shopped there. The cabins were rustic but each had a gas stove or an electric light, which meant an outlet. Each slept four with cots and thin waterproof mattresses. Just because you were in the cabin did not mean you were free of critters. We once had what turned out to be a naked mole run across the edge of a cot that was pushed up against the wall. To me it looked like a hairless rat and I still remember exactly what it looked like. Until then, that was my favorite cabin because it was the farthest out away from other cabins and people. I haven't been in that cabin since.

Here is the list of 10 things to do in a state park:

  • Swimming in lakes or streams.
  • Hiking on trails.
  • Watching the wildlife.
  • Having picnics.
  • Biking on the roads or some have awesome bike trails.
  • Having bond fires.
  • Watching the sky at night.
  • Cooking outdoors.
  • Tanning (If that is something you choose to do.)
  • Check out any natural sites, different from park to park.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Outdoor games with family.
  • Sledding in winter.

    If you crave some outdoor time or want to get back to nature (even just a little) I suggest you visit your local state park or be a bit more courageous and check out one or more of the out of state parks. They can be as fun as an amusement park and much less expensive.

    Have you been to any state parks, I want to hear your adventure.

    1. This sounds like a fun and educational adventure. Our family loves hiking and getting out in the woods for camping and canoeing.

    2. Oh my goodness such great stories of your camping experiences with woodland creatures. Although camping sounds very enticing, I like to camp from the comfort of a Holiday Inn. My kids do love camping out deep in the Canadian wilderness where they have had encounters with giant Canadian moose and red deers which literally have scared the pants off of them.

    3. I used to take my dogs to state and county parks--they loved it! We would walk for hours!