Saturday, May 6, 2017

Five Finger Tees Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to review a T-Shirt from Five Finger Tees.

Five Finger Tees has a huge selection of awesome T-shirts, it was definitely hard to choose. After browsing their wide and great collection I decided on a T-shirt for one of my teenage sons.

My son has been waiting to see the new IT movie. He's super excited about it, and after seeing his new T-shirt he's super excited about wearing it when he goes to see the movie. This black T-shirt with red letters has a phrase from Penny Wise the clown to little Georgie from the sewer. "We All Float Down Here".

I love that for an affordable price these T-shirts are great quality. The prices only start at $11.99. The shirt fits well and is made of 100% preshrunk cotton. My son has a stocky build, and I hoped that after the T-shirt was washed it would still fit the same. We have bought many articles of clothing that went in the wash one size and came out a smaller size. We didn't have that problem with the T-shirt from Five Finger Tees, it still fits fine. The shirt also didn't come out of the wash with any fading or discoloration.

Five Finger Tees, located in Massachusetts is a family owned and operated company since July 2009. From customer service, designing, printing, photography, web design and shipping Five Finger Tees does all the work themselves. All while taking care of their family! By doing this they keep their overhead really low which gives their customers great deals without sacrificing quality.

Five Finger Tees selection is huge. They offer pop culture, movie/t.v. inspired T-shirts. Also available is comedy catch phrases, video game, music, zombie, political,animal, holiday and animal T-shirts. The T-shirts are also offered in a variety of optional colors that will work great with the design on the shirt. They also come in a wide selection of sizes ranging from small to 3XL.

I wanted to make sure that the T-shirt I chose for my son did not display anything offensive or anything his school could deem as offensive. There is an offensive collection of T-shirts that I found were mostly very funny. My brother who looked at some of the site with me decided I needed to make sure he got one of these for his birthday.

If your looking for great quality T-shirts that are affordable, cute and fun I recommend checking out There vast selection is great. I found that, I don't think I just need one in my life, I might need two...or three.

Check out Five Finger Tees on Five Finger Tees website, listed below.

You can connect with Five Finger Tees via Facebook , @FiveFingerTees , Instagram , Pinterest and Five Finger Tees Website.


  1. I've never heard of this company before. I checked out their site, and saw that they have hoodies, too - that's awesome. Bookmarking that site for the future, thank you for the info. :)

  2. $11.99 is such a great price, I didn't realize you could get pre-shrunk cotton, that makes such a huge difference, the amount of times I have put a t-shirt in the washer for it to come out smaller!

  3. I am almost always wearing t-shirts (except for the winter!!). I can always use one or two more-and at that price and the fact that don't shrink--You know I am heading over there!

  4. I wear tee's and jeans when I'm at home. And I prefer preshrunk cotton and tee's that are not too LONG. I don't want to tuck a mile of tee material in. lol.