Friday, July 21, 2017

Catch the Fox Game from Goliath Games Review

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We facilitated a review for Catch the Fox game from Goliath Games LLC .

Catch The Fox is a 2-4 player game for children 4 years and older.  Before playing the game you will have to assemble some things. Good news, is no batteries are required. The assembly is quite easy. You will need to apply stickers to the dice and Mr. Fox.  Each chicken comes with two parts that will need put together.

Mr. Fox is running around snatching all the chickens, oh no! You can help the chickens out by bonking Mr. Fox on his head so just maybe they will get loose. To begin the game you lift Mr Fox and pull his pants out from inside his legs and slide them up his legs until he is wearing his pants, lift his arms slightly and Mr Fox is ready to go. Each player is given a chicken coop player card with 5 holes for chickens. Roll the dice, that is the number of chickens you will have to shove in Mr Fox's pockets and then press down on his head. If his pants should fall, spilling out all the chickens, grab as many as you can. The first player that fills their chicken coop first is the winner.

This game is super fun! It's not only a game children can enjoy but adults as well. The kids had a great time giggling and out right laughing every time Mr Fox lost his pants and his underwear were exposed. Imagine the silliness of children talking about pants falling down. Leah won the most amount of games by taking advantage of the other two not taking it as seriously and she was quicker. My grandchildren are going to get hours and hours worth of play from this awesome game.

Goliath Games markets brands such as Rummikub, Triominos, Rolit, Wordsearch, Pop the Pig, Doggie Doo, Gooey Looey, Robofish, Domino Rally and many more sold under the flag of Goliath. Currently Goliath owns and operates offices in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, USA (Goliath LLC and Pressman), Canada, Hong Kong and Australia (Crown & Andrews). Their head office (R&D, financial administration and logistics) is located in the Netherlands, from where we export to approximately 70 countries world-wide. The Goliath slogan is ‘Clever Together!’ this applies to their products that combine fun and wittiness, as well as the internal processes of creating and marketing them.

If your interested in learning more about Goliath Games LLC or would like to purchase your own Catch the Fox Game you can connect via Facebook , @GoliathGamesUS , You Tube and Goliath Games Website . Also you can purchase the Catch the Fox on Amazon


  1. This sounds like so much fun. My grandchildren would love this. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Reminds me of swiper from Dora the Explorer! Seems like a great family night game!

  3. Oh this really sounds like a fun game! I can imagine the kids laughing when the fox loses his pants!!

  4. This game sounds like a lot of fun for kids. My niece's kids would love the Catch The Fox game and it would make for a great gift idea too. The Goliath Games LLC I will have to check out for sure. Thanks for sharing a great review.

  5. Oh my goodness, this game looks like so much fun and my family LOVE "family game night". Perfect to stash away for a gift and for a snowy day!