Monday, July 24, 2017

Saving Easy with GROUPON

Have you ever used GROUPON OR GROUPON COUPONS?  If the answer is no you are missing out on real savings from great deals. When I first heard of them I was like "Where has this been all my life?" Now, I hear about people saving all the time from several countries.  They offer a Deal-of-the-Day program which is great, I always check there before I make a purchase.  Also they added a Coupon service.  I check their coupon selection, there are literally thousands.

You can save money by using Groupon for kids activities, haircuts, dinners, and even food. Groupon expanded their great deals and offers to include Groupon Coupon. Groupon Coupon is a free, large database of thousands of coupons, sales amd deals currently happening at over 8,000 retailers. Groupon Coupon has exclusive coupons for select retailers. You can find the Groupon Coupons at Groupons site on the slider at the top of the page. Alot of the coupons listed on Groupon's Coupon page are promotional codes used for online shopping or describing a current sale happening in a store. As I previously mentioned Groupon Coupon shares coupons and sales from over 8,000 stores, as well as the exclusive coupons. We have our favorites, if I must choose, mine is Sam's Club. If you are looking for a specific item, such as a patio set you can quickly find the stores that have sales on furniture and compare the best prices. Groupon Coupon is a great resource to take advantage of when wanting to save money.

Sam's Club is my fave store for so many reasons.  We are a family of six.   My husband and I both work, in fact he commutes two hours back an forth six days a week.  Our children one through eleven have various activities such as play dates, soccer, cheer, football practice so we just do not have much time. Sam's ship to store and curb pick up options are awesome! I have not used the curb pick up, but I cannot wait to try it.

Another great part of Sam's Club is we can buy in bulk and save!   My husband drinks tea, for a single bottle it is almost $2., for a six pack at Tops it is close to $7.  At Sam's we purchase a case of 15 for only $11. That two weeks worth of tea would cost him over $17. at a grocery store or about $30. buying one each day. These kind of savings are all throughout  Sam's Club.

  • Below are a couple  of examples:

    Kalorik XL Digital Family Airfryer (Black/Stainless Steel) FREE SHIPPING $99.99
    SAVE $50.00
    Was $149.98

    Your order pickup confirmation must be submitted by e-mail to by 7/31/17 11:59:59pm PT.

    To read all the details click: HERE .
  • To connect with GROUPON about the Sam's Club deals Click Here


    1. Yes, I have used Groupon--mostly for discounts on restaurants. I keep watching them for discounts on mani/pedis-so far none really near me-but I'm hopeful! They so have discounts on many other items as well!

    2. I love using Groupon. I normally would not do activities/going out to restaurants if it wasn't for the discount I get on this site.

    3. I really love Groupon. Great way to save money!