Sunday, July 23, 2017

Shark Bite Game from Pressman Toys Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently we facilitated a review for the game Shark Bite from Pressman Toys .

We had lots of fun reviewing the game Shark Bite. Shark Bite is a 2-4 player game, for children 4 years and older. This is a very simple game, my little grandson almost has the concept. It's very similar to that classic fishing game.

The hungry shark won't like you taking fish from his mouth in this Shark Bite Board Game, but your mission is to save the fish. Snag one fish at a time and hold your breath. When the shark snaps his jaws shut, the game is over and the rest of the fish are shark food.

You will have to have those old fishing skills handy. All the fish are set up in the sharks mouth. Small fishing poles are used to catch the fish. You will start tensing because at any moment that shark could bite. The remaining fish in his mouth are considered shark food. It all depends on who can catch the most fish before the shark bites. The game takes 30 minutes or less to play. This game does not require any batteries.

This game is bright and colorful. The suspense of the sharks bite will have your children cracking up when his jaws snap shut. This fun filled game is on my grandchildren's top ten favorite games to play.

The Pressman Toy company has been a force for innovation in the US Toy Market since 1922. From making Chinese checkers into a craze that swept the nation in the 1920s to making products such as Rummikub, Mastermind and triominos into some of the top selling games of all time. Pressman toy was the first company to offer a toy doctor's bag that inspired generations of American children while making the concept of modern medicine less scary. In 1959, Pressman Toys was the first company to have a female CEO. Their iconic red boxes have introduced millions of Americans to the joys of checkers, chess, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Mancala and Bingo, along with a host of other classic games. Currently, Pressman offers include these time tested favorites along with a mix of exciting new games and puzzles designed to spark young imaginations and bring families together.

If your interested in learning more about Pressman Games LLC or would like to purchase your own Shark Bite Game you can connect via Facebook , @pressmantoy , You Tube and Pressman Toy Website


  1. Shark Bite! How fun and following on the tail of "Shark Week"; our boys and myself have been watching shark week for the past few years and it's always so informative and sparks great family conversations. I bet this game would be a huge hit in our home.

  2. OH--I wonder if I'd be able to save any of those fish!! Sure would like to try. It really does sound like a fun game!

  3. My son is very into sharks, so I bet he'd love this one. We play a lot of games around here too, so it's perfect.