Sunday, August 6, 2017

NaturalFit 9oz 360 Rim Set Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently we received two NaturalFit 360 Trainer cups from Chicco. If you have or have had a baby/toddler you know the struggles of finding the perfect trainer cup. Sure, you could go to any dollar store and find a toddler cup. Chances are you will find yourself unhappy with many of them. Your toddler needs a NaturalFit 360 Trainer cup from Chicco.

The NaturalFit 360 Trainer cups from Chicco are spill-proof trainer cups for children 9 months and older that they can tip and sip anywhere. The spill-proof silicone membrane allows liquid to flow out in any direction where lip pressure is applied. These cups, which came in a beautiful teal and blue color have a transparent lid, the baby can watch the liquid approach the rim. This is an important feature for open cup training.

The membrane that makes the cup spill-proof is easy to remove and clean. This silicone membrane can be removed for cleaning or practicing free flow drinking. The lid and cup can be washed in a dishwasher. The cup has minimal parts and is dishwasher safe.

This contoured training cup is specially designed for tiny hands to grab and hold, ergonomic indents guide hand placement, helping the baby prepare for holding a cup properly.

The NaturalFit 360° Rim Trainer features are-
  • Lip pressure activates flow for spill-free drinking
  • Sip from anywhere on the rim
  • Transparent silicone membrane
  • Remove membrane to practice open cup drinking
  • Contoured cup shape makes it easy to grab and hold
  • Ergonomic indents guide hand placement for properly holding cup
  • Snap-on cap keeps spout clean when not in use
  • Dishwasher safe minimal parts are easy to clean
  • NaturalFit Lids and Cups are interchangeable – 6 spout & 3 cup styles to choose from!
  • Fits most stroller, car and car seat cup holders for convenient access and easy storage.

    We love the great feat features of this trainer cup. You can flip the cup upside down and all around its not even going to leak. So much better than finding your coach or chairs have huge wet spots because the baby's cup has leaked again.

    For more than 50 years, Chicco has stood for excellence. Chicco has remained a core brand of the Artsana Group, which not only produces baby products, but also high-quality hypodermic needles, thermometers, and syringes. Pietro Catelli's passion for personal wellness drove him to expand his company to offer a breadth of baby care products that enhance and support the pleasure of raising children from pregnancy to preschool. Chicco is now in more than 120 countries over six continents.

    The largest baby brand in all of Europe, Chicco is part of the global Artsana Group, a holistic, innovative lifestyle company that encompasses everything you need to care for all generations of a family, from baby feeding systems to cosmetics to medical supplies.

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    1. Never heard of this brand before but they sure have stood the test of time! This is a great invention they came up with. Actually I think it might be good for people with palsy type diseases and for nursing home patients

    2. I've never seen these before, but they look amazing! I remember the ones that my son used when he was little, and these would have been a lot easier for him to hold! :)

    3. I didn't realize Chicco made cups. When you have a little kid, you really need a good spill-proof cup!

    4. I love the shape of the Chicco sip cups. I need to toss our little guy and gal's old sippy cups and replace them soon; I've had them since their older brother used them a few years ago.