Friday, August 25, 2017

Pilot Pens for Back to School

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received G2 gel pens, Precise Deco Collection pens and FriXion Clicker erasable pens from Pilot Pen to review. All three types were smooth, comfortable experiences. I write and doodle a lot as a way to keep my mind free and my stress level down.  As you can imagine I had fun writing and doodling while checking out these new pens. They all write eloquently making my writing look better (believe me, it needs all the help it can get.)

I've mentioned before that I love to journal, make lists and write.  I always have to have a variety of pens to choose from. When we go shopping, one of my favorite sections is the stationary aisle.

Pilot Pens are a stationary favorite. These are high quality writing utensils. I've brought many pens home to find out that no matter how long I scribble the ink will not flow.  It's quite frustrating. I have had no problems with the Pilot Pens.  The ink flows with ease.

G2 gel pens - The ultimate pen for the everyday overachiever, G2 is America's no. 1 selling and longest writing Go-2 gel pen. With smooth, lasting gel ink, a comfortable grip and retractable tip, 4 point sizes and 14 vibrant colors, the G2 provides students countless opportunities for personalization and precision.

  • Price: $4.09 for 3-pack
  • Age: perfect for students of all ages, teachers and parents

    Precise Deco CollectionPerfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their supplies, Pilot's Precise Deco Collection pens feature the rich colors, bold shapes and exuberant style of the Art Deco era. With it's lavish design and exceptionally smooth, comfortable writing experience the newest members of the Precise V5 family are both an accessory and tool for writing perfection.
  • Price: $8.64 for 4-pack
  • Age: perfect for high school/college students, teachers and parents

    FriXion Clicker erasable gel pens - Unlike the old-school, erasable pens of the past that broke your paper and left eraser shavings, the FriXion Clicker is the pen of the future, using special thermo-sensitive ink to allow unlimited do-overs in the classroom.
  • Price: $4.59 for 3-pack
  • Age: perfect for students of all ages, teachers and parents

    The Pilot Corporation of America located in Jacksonville Florida, prides itself on being a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality writing instruments in the United States. Their sales continue to grow every year because of the quality of their products, and the innovation of their Research and Development teams. The Pilot spirit of innovation has always focused on serving their consumer’s writing needs and making writing a pleasure.

    You can connect with Pilot via Facebook ,
    Pilot Pen Website

    1. I really like having a great writing pen. It makes such a difference in my penmanship. Thank you so much for sharing these. God Bless

    2. I just bought a bunch of these for my son's back to school, they are great!

    3. I love these pens thanks for sharing Im going to pick up more of these for school i can never have to many pilot pens!!

    4. I have one boy in college and one in high school. Both are very picky about their pens and really like Pilot brand.

    5. I just bought this pilot pens and this pens are really great. I really love pilot pens.

    6. What a great pens I buy a bunch for my daughter's back to school, Glad that you share this

    7. Pilot is such a favorite brand for me. I love their pens and can't seen to keep enough on hand because the kids love them too.

    8. I love pens that are different colors. I use them to color code my planner so I can stay organized.