Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Welch's Fruit Rolls for their Lunch Boxes

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received a box full of healthy delicious treats just in time for the kids to head back to school. All of these foods and beverages are excellent ideas for school lunch boxes. Our family enjoyed all the healthy treats we received.

One of the snacks we received was Welch's Fruit Rolls in a Tropical Fruit flavor. These were a favorite among my kids. Brandi Lynn has never seen a fruit roll, you should have seen her face! She couldn't decide if she was suppose to eat it. I assured her she could. I love healthier snacks. They love these Fruit Rolls. They deliver the same quality that people have came to expect from Welch's Fruit Snacks, in a new fun format. Fruit is featured as the first ingredient. These come in three delicious flavors Berry, White Grape Strawberry and Tropical Punch.

Welch's has over 140 years of experience turning the highest quality fruit into yummy jams, jellies and juices. They offer Fruit Snacks, Fruit and Yogurt Snacks and Fruit Rolls. All perfect for putting in your childs lunchbox.

You can connect with Welch's via:
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  1. Welch's has been around for a very long time--so they must be doing something right! Those fruit roll ups look and sound really great--Would make a great evening or afternoon snack for me. The White Grape Strawberry is the one I would try first!!

  2. My children loves Welchs. This will be perfect for back to school snack for my son. Welchs is for everyday!

  3. i keep these stocked for my grandkids ,they love them for a after school snack

  4. We love Welch's in our house. I haven't tried these fruit roll ups yet, but I'm sure they would be a very popular snack for my two littles. The Tropical Punch flavor sounds great!

  5. We love Welch's, but we haven't ever tried the fruit rolls. These sound delicious, and my son would absolutely love these! I will have to grab some for lunches.

  6. Oh this looks a great product. I would love to try that strawberry.

  7. Welch is the go to choice of my family for fruit juices. I am sure these fruit roll ups would taste just as good as their juices. I won't feel guilty giving these to my kids, because even if it looks like candy, it is actually fruit juice!

  8. I love Welch's Fruit Rolls and yes I also include it in my lunch box (not just my kid's!). Thanks for sharing your wonderful review!

  9. My kids use to love fruit snacks and fruit roll ups. They are so easy to pack in their lunch and perfect for snack time.

  10. The Welch's Fruit Rolls look so good and plenty!