Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BIOTIX Game from Smirk and Dagger

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

BIOTIX game by Zach Huff, is published by Smirk and Dagger Website Games. 2-5 players can join the fun. Players in this game will take on the role of lab assistants to a world renown microbiologist. They will try to grow a culture of highly unstable and volatile biotic microorganisms, known as BIOTIX over 3 days of research. they will have to be careful as their are fellow lab assistants who may try to sabotage experiments to cause a bio-reaction or an explosion. The player that scores the most points, publishing the best paper on BIOTIX will be declared the winner.

Each player will be given a petri dish card which they should place in front of them. A characteristic card should be placed between players for reference. All of the purple, red, green, blue and yellow BIOTIX should be placed into a specimen bag. The black BIOTIX are not to be used except with the advanced game.

The first player is chosen and given the timer token which they will then place on the 3 spot of the countdown track on their petri dish card. They are also given the specimen bag.

On each player’s turn, they will draw 2 BIOTIX at random from the specimen bag. The player will place the BIOTIX they drew, one at a time onto either their petri dish card or give them to an opponent who must place it on theirs. Every time that a BIOTIX is placed on a petri dish card, that player must check to see if there are any bio-reactions. These will happen whenever there are more BIOTIX then there are spaces to place a particular color. This is known as the trigger number. Players must then resolve the effect of the particular BIOTIX type as noted on the characteristic card. This may cause chain reactions and each reaction must be resolved before resolving a new reaction. Once there are no more reations to resolve, the player passes the specimen bag to the next player in turn order. When the time token moves off the 1 space, it is placed into the specimen bag. This happens before drawing new BIOTIX.

The BIOTIX game will continue until the timer token is drawn from the specimen bag. This signals the End of the Day. Any BIOTIX tokens that were drawn with the timer token are put in the garbage.Any time a BIOTIX is put into the garbage, it will be placed into the bio-containment box where it will be hidden. The player that drew the token then places it on the 3 spot of their countdown track. Player will then score the BIOTIX that they have cultivated on their petri dish by adding up the points for each on their petri dish card. Players will then choose 2 BIOTIX on their petri dish card and put them in the garbage.. All BIOTIX that were put in the garbage and any of them that were placed into the bio-containment box are then placed back into the specimen bag. The bag should then be shaken to shuffle up the tokens. The specimen bag will then be given to the player with the timer token on their petri dish card, meaning a new day of research.

Another great game to add to your families collection of games. This is one your older teens an adults will love.

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  1. Girly you just keep rolling out the hint with all of these fun games which would be great for family game night!

  2. That sounds like fun! My son loves stuff like this - I'll have to see about getting one for our family.

  3. My daughter would love this game. I love the science focus.