Friday, September 8, 2017

Braving Irma? Tips and Advice

Many have evacuated and many have not or cannot. For those of you braving the storm by choice or by chance,  be safe. I pray for everyone's safety! Please do what you can to protect yourselves, your friends, loved ones, pets and your home. Please find some advice and tips below that I have gathered from others. Irma is like no other before her. It seems as though no where in Florida or parts of Georgia are safe from her wrath!

Just added - Sharing again for ANYONE IN THIS STORMS PATH. FEMA Emergency Lodging Assistance Program will pay for hotels. Please contact FEMA ELA program 1-866-545-9865 or email PLEASE COPY & PASTE TO SHARE

FEMA just said that nobody in south Florida has ever experienced anything like Irma and is giving stern warning to evacuate if possible or seek shelter. This is an extremely dangerous system. I have seen numerous friends posting that they are staying put. 5-10' storm surge plus rainfall will cause catastrophic flooding in many areas. Even 3-5' surge is extreme. Power outages will happen. She has already caused massive destruction and untold deaths. The entire state will feel her wrath. Up to cat 2-3 in north Florida. This is an incredibly strong storm! She is 3 times the size of Andrew. Please heed all warnings! She is now a cat 4 but approaching warmer water and could increase in strength. Don't risk your life, your family's and rescue worker's lives!

Hurricane Tips in no order:
Under the State of Emergency you can get a 30 day supply of your medicines even if your prescriptions are not ready for refill. Please share with friends and neighbors who may need to evacuate the coasts.

Keep your valuables and important things safe by draining the dishwasher and putting them in then shut the door tightly. Some items can be put in coffee cans or zip lock bags.

Fill your washer with ice and all your drinks water and others. These will stay cold for days as the power may be off awhile.

Via Karen Keel Burroughs (I have already done this. It works. ) Message FLPrepares to 888777. You will get a text response that you are registered with the State Registered Response Team. It will keep you informed and provide updates throughout the storm. Also, message your zip code to 888777. You will receive updates specific to your zip code.

Fill large zip lock bags with water and stand them upright side by side in your freezer. With the power out these will help your freezer food stay cold longer and you will have water in case of a water shortage. Often these storms break water lines.

For those preparing for the hurricane, make sure to download the app "zello walkie talkie". It is an app that Hurricane Harvey victims used after the storm to keep in touch. In case of no service, the app allows you to communicate with your friends and family. You can find it in app store for iphone users and playstore for android users. ❤ God Bless and stay safe! SHARE SHARE SHARE! Let your friends and family know!

Put shutters or boards up to your windows, do not use tape as it will not work.

If there is time, go pick up supplies for at least a week as you may not get out right away. Water, food, medications etc

EBT participants your benefits should have came through early to help you get the supplies you need.

Bring anything from your yard inside as Irma will use these as projectiles with her strong winds.

Feel free to add any tips or advice to share with others, check the comments!


  1. A great line upon useful hurricane information. And prayers for those in the path and those affected by all the storms and hurricanes, and fires happening around our globe as I type this.

    1. It is so heart wrenching. The hurricanes, fires, earth quakes. I'm seriously wondering if there is more to this.

  2. That's wonderful that you shared the FEMA info. I know we only have two shelters left with any room in them. This storm looks just awful. Stay safe everyone.

  3. useful information for everyone not just for the huricance but as well as for other storms that may come. i've experience the typhoon hyian and these tips are applicable

  4. Very informative post. Glad that you have something like FEMA. It's really a big help in times like this. I pray for the safety of all. Stay safe everyone.

  5. As a former Key West resident, I've been watching this closely. My heart hurts for everyone that will lose so much from this storm. Thanks for sharing these tips.