Thursday, September 21, 2017

CozyPhones Fun Headphones

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We facilitated a review for headphones from CozyPhones . These are the cutest headphones for children that we have come across.

Headphones come in all shape and sizes but they usually fall into one of two categories, over the ear or ear buds. The ear buds are usually only suitable for teenagers or adults. Cozyphones break free from these standard designs and introduce a completely new concept, instead of having an over-the head band, the cozyphones come in the form of a soft fleece head band with built in headphones that you can move to sit exactly on top of the children’s ears. The design is fabulous for children. The headband of the CozyPhones is made of soft, stretchy material, it doesn’t make them sweat and ensures that the headphones stays in place.

The CozyPhones are available in many, really cute shapes and colors. We received the yellow smiley and the Brown puppy CozyPhones. They also have a panda, the bunny, the unicorn and the frog, among others. The headphones came as a one piece item so children can slip them around their forehead and use them right away.

Our kids use theirs everyday. They fit and work great. They actually started squabbling over which child was going to wear them and which design. Dylan gave in under the condition he could wear them for pictures meaning he was able to use them first.

Paul, founder of CozyPhones bought some sleeping headphones. They lasted less than a year before the wires shorted out and the stopped working. He used earbuds for a short time but they became painful after awhile and it is just about impossible to sleep with them on your side. Paul decided to try another pair of headband headphones, but the original ones he bought were just too expensive - so he decided to make his own - with comfort and affordability as their main goal - with that, CozyPhones was born.

They started with just a fleece headband version but quickly found their customers wanted more, so they added new styles and materials to fit more needs like yoga and running. Then one day, they were doing a photo shoot for their catalog when Paul's photographer shot a few pics of her 10 year old daughter with his headphones on, using her app on a tablet. That picture gave me an "aha moment". They could make super comfortable headband headphones for kids in fun character designs. So Paul asked his daughter Helen, a budding artist, to come up with some characters for him. That's how Paul created his first Froggy design. They went for sale in November of 2015 and quickly sold out.

Since then they have added a bunch of new characters and styles. They have heard from hundreds of parents of kids who LOVE their CozyPhones and they have found a great niche in the Autism and Sensory Disorder communities. They are so happy to be able provide a great solution to all kids and especially pleased to serve special need kids who struggle normal headphones.

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  1. Forget the kids... They should make those for adults because I want a pair myself! :) I often use earbuds and a headband in the late fall/winter when I go on walks.

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