Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PARAMEDICS: CLEAR! from Smirk and Dagger

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received Paramedics: CLEAR! from Smirk and Dagger to review recently.

Paramedics: CLEAR! is a fast-paced game for 1-4 players. The object of this game is for players stabilize and save the lives of numerous accident victims over three game rounds. A real-time clock is ticking, via a free companion app for iPhone and Android, that keeps pressure mounting as you try to obtain supplies to stabilize your passengers and get them to the hospital. If you should make a mistake or go too slow, plan to stop at the morgue instead.

Included in the box (11″×8″×2″ with internal tray organizer) are the following components:

  • 4x Ambulance Player Mats
  • 64x Patient Cards
  • 82x Supply Cards (13 of each in Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, and
  • Green PLUS 4 Wild)
  • 1x First Player Token
  • 4x Sets of Upgrade Tokens (2x Extra Cabinet, 1x Medevac, 1x Hand
  • Upgrade) – 16x Tokens Total
  • 4x Sets of 18 Medical Supply Tokens (2x Blood, 2x Syringe, 2x Oxygen,
  • 4x Meds, 4x Bandage, 4x Cast)
  • Spare Medical Supply Tokens

    A typical game of Paramedics Clear will last around 20 minutes for two players and up to around 40 minutes for four players. Rules are provided for single play, and the recommended age for the game is 14+.

    All the action occurs on the ambulance player mats. These mats are printed on heavy-duty cards. The graphics are bright, text is sharp. The colors for the Supply Cards are vivid and easy to distinguish, also the graphics on each color card are distinct by the use of different emblems on the cases.

    The Medical Supply tokens are small and round with a single image The images on the tokens match the images found on the Patient Cards. The Patient Cards show the required medical supplies running down the left side of the card, with the points and losses situated beneath text and graphic of the accident in question.The Patient Cards are also divided between red border critical and gray border non-critical.

    Over the three rounds , you’ll be competing against other players or yourself to save the lives of as many accident victims as possible. Each of the rounds is timed with the first round providing 60 seconds, the second round providing 45 seconds, and the third round providing only 30 seconds. At the end of the game, the player with the most points for successfully delivering stabilized patients to the hospital, and subtracting points for the unfortunate victims who went to the morgue. wins.

    Our older children find this game fun, exciting and even tense sometimes. Its a great family game to add to your collection.

    Curt is the founder, creative force and jack-of-all-trades at Smirk and Dagger. In an alternate universe, he’s an art director, a copywriter, a marketer and a concept director. Like that guy that shows up two hours before the party starts, Justin was at Smirk & Dagger from the beginning. Irascible and acerbic, some say he's the Dagger to Curt's Smirk. They're Smirk & Dagger Games. They know why you play games. It's the same reason they do. They love to taunt. To instigate and watch the sparks fly. They love 'opportunity fire' and the taste of revenge. They know games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back. And they have built their company on it... 'cause, hey, it's just a game.

    You can connect with Smirk and Dagger via Facebook , @SmirkandDagger and Smirk and Dagger Website

    1. Looks like a fun game to add to game night.

    2. We played this with Curt at Gen Con! Very fun game, and we'll be writing about it as well very shortly!

    3. We don't own a medical game. Now I want one. I like how this is a game for teens.

    4. I'll check it out and thanks for sharing.

    5. That's cool. I'm a member of the Community Emergency Response Team where I live and this might even be a good way for all of us to stay up with an emergency in a fun way! :)

    6. This definitely sounds like something new and different than anything we have played before. I think this would be a fun game for family pizza night.