Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bobbi Toads Light Up Sneakers

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received two pairs of Bobbi Toads Sneakers for a review.

Bobbi Toads have taken sneakers to a whole new innovative level, providing kids the opportunity to paint their sneakers and customize them with stickers.

We have some girly girls from our older girls right down to our toddler. They love to dress up and look flashy. They were both beyond excited to receive their new sneakers from Bobbi Toads .

Bobbi Toads offers a fashionable fun new line of sneakers in several different styles. Both paintable and light up sneakers. Along with the option of purchasing stickers to accompany them.

The paintable sneakers come in both lace ups and Velcro. On the front part of the shoe, the white part you can see the outline of the tire and toenails. Your little ones can paint this area with eco friendly nail polish Bobbi Toads offers. When your child is ready for a new look, they can clean the polish off and give their sneakers a new look.

We received two pairs of light up sneakers, the Heather Z and the Cloud Nine. There's no polish for these sneakers because the toe part of the shoe already lights up in five different colors!

The Heather Z light ups are fun and colorful with a pink owl on each side. These come in Velcro and lace ups. They come in sizes ranging from Toddler 9 all the way to big kid size 6.

For our toddler we received the Cloud Nine with the Velcro straps, which make it easier for her to put her own shoes on. These sneakers have all the color you could ask for with turquoise Velcro strips paired with sparkly lavender tongue and rainbows on each side. Though the girls get no polish with their sneakers, their still customizable with Bobbi stickers sold separately.

Both pairs of sneakers were made with great quality material. Their easy to clean with just soap and water. The unique design sets these sneakers apart. They are colorful, fun and functional.

If like Bobbi Toads you choose a compassionate lifestyle they offer a collection of animal friendly sneakers.

Bobbi Toads will fit into every parents budget this holiday season, with pairs starting at less than $50. Also new this holiday season are Bobbi Dobbiez. These are furry pals to accessorize backpacks, shoes, watches, or serve as a hair tie. These sound like perfect stocking stuffers at only $4.99 each.

Bobbi Toads were patented, created and designed by father daughter team. Bob and Jacqueline Stanley.

Bobbi-Toads has created a special code for our readers that gives you all 20% off plus free shipping using code MOM2GRANDMA! Bobbi-Toads also donates a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations including Our Lady of the Angels, an inner city mission in the Stanley's hometown of Chicago.

You can connect with Bobbi Toads via Facebook , @BobbiToads , Pinterest , Instagram and Bobbi Toads Website


  1. I love that they donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. This would make a great gift for my niece. She really likes having her nails painted and the light-up feature would make her smile too.

  2. Too cute! My daughter's would have loved the light sneakers when the were little. I love that this company supports an inner city mission. They need all the support they can get.

  3. These are really cute--I love the ones your grandkids got! Of course I would love to be able to give a pair of paintable ones to my grand niece -along with some stickers--she is definitely a girly girl!!

  4. These sneakers are really cute! Love that they can be customized and the little kids would enjoy these light up shoes! I am getting a pair for my niece. She'd love this!

  5. These shoes are adorable and sure to please the little ones. What's not to like, shoes that light up and or you can decorate!

  6. Oh my goodness - these are so much fun! I love the bright colors and it is awesome that they light up.

  7. What a cute pair of shoes. Amazing design and totally cool for kids.

  8. Do they make these for boys? They are so cute! I am already filling my shopping cart with three pairs for my niece.

  9. Those shoes looks so adorable. Very unique style. I am sure that kids will love this.

  10. Cuteness alert!! Oh I love the frog on the bottom. I also like how these are velcro or lace up. These are just darling
    ellen beck

  11. I really like how cute these shoes are and the fact that they can be customized puts them over the top. It is also nice to know that this company donates a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations.

  12. These are ADORABLE! I have 2 6 year old grandies who would love these. Thanks for showcasing them...have never seen them