Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I Have My Christmas Forest Wreath so Bring on the Holidays!

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have received the Felicity Christmas Wreath from Christmas Forest .

The Christmas wreath is a tradition that has been around for many years. There are some believers that think initially wreaths were hung on doors in Ancient Rome to represent victory. In Christianity, the Christmas wreath was used to symbolize Christ. The circular shape of the wreath with no beginning or end, represents eternity or life never ending. Wreaths have been made from evergreen, since evergreens are green year-round, they were the obvious choice during the winter months. The word 'wreath' is derived from an English word meaning to twist, such as in a circle.

We like to get a new wreath for our front door every Christmas season. This year we had the wonderful opportunity to review the Gold Felicity Wreath from Christmas Forest . This beautiful homemade wreath came smelling so great!

The Felicity Wreath is full and sturdy and absolutely beautiful. These wreaths are made with great care and made from the finest materials. The delicious smell from the wreaths are very long lasting.

I love traditions, like wreath hanging, that are still a big part of our Holiday traditions. Find a beautiful wreath for your front door, or gift a family member or friend with one. I would recommend checking out Christmas Forest, they craft beautiful affordable wreaths. Perfect for your home or gifting.

Christmas Forest is a place where magic happens every day! The sights and scents of the holidays are alive year-round. Rick and Ramona Holt sold their first handmade Christmas wreath at Pike Place Farmer's Market in Seattle in 1976. Christmas Forest Wreath has made it their mission to bring the very essence of Christmas into every wreath that they create. Alive with the fresh evergreen scent of the Cascade Mountains, each of the handcrafted wreaths is a one-of-a-kind creation, and a unique representation of who they are. As a family owned business, the Holts and their three grown children take pride in excellent workmanship and in superb customer service. For over 40 years ago Christmas Forest have decorated thousands of doors around the world.

To put it simply, Christmas Forest loves Christmas and they look forward to it with childlike wide-eyed wonder every year. This is what they want to bring to each of their customers. This is why their products, outstanding customer service and their environmental commitment are all equally important.

Christmas is more than just a season. It's an ideal, an experience and an expression of the truest feelings. This year, why not do more than just give a gift? Give the gift of the season itself with an exquisite handcrafted Christmas wreath from Christmas Forest.

From Rick and Ramona; "We know that you and your family and business count on us every year to deliver the freshest and most gorgeous wreaths in the world. If you are looking for a reliable source for all of your Christmas gifts, you know you can count on our experience and our guarantee to deliver the most beautiful forest fresh wreaths you have ever seen. It is our mission to thrill our customers and their gift recipients with exquisite wreaths while impressing them with our unsurpassed service. We are also committed to respecting our employees with fairness and opportunity and this is evidenced by employee loyalty. At the same time, we pledge to honor mother earth with responsible forest care and do everything possible to promote a green environment. Your orders are always appreciated and we know that you will be pleased with your Christmas Forest wreath."

You can connect with Christmas Forest via Facebook , @ChristmasForest , G+ . Pinterest and Christmas Forest Website


  1. All of these wreaths are so lovely. I remember my Grandmother making one years ago year after year. Around here we dont have many pines, I would love to make an evergreen wreath. They look beautiful on a front door and makes it look more festive.

    ellen beck

  2. These are beautiful. I feel like having a wreath on the door at Christmastime is part of a great holiday season.

  3. Wow, these really are beautiful. I love the red berries! The smell of a wreath just really makes you think it's Christmas.

  4. I like the heart shaped wreath. Nice and not ordinary.
    slehan at juno dot com

  5. These are beautiful!! I'll definitely be shopping for one soon, so I'll keep that link. :)

  6. These are all so beautiful! i love the heart shaped one best!

  7. I love these wreaths, especially the heart shaped and candy cane wreaths! So cool! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  8. Nothing brings the thought of season to mind like the smell of a fresh holiday wreath. Far superior to plastic.

  9. Christmas Forest is indeed the best place to get beautiful Christmas decorations. The Gold Felicity Wreath and the Candy Cane Sweetie Christmas wreaths are the ones I would love to get. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous wreaths and decorations.

  10. awe these all look so beautiful, I just love getting into the holiday spirit! I love the heart shaped one it looks so sweet!

  11. Mmm!! I love that it came smelling amazing!! That has to be my favorite scent of Christmas! We don't do fresh trees so the wreath is the next best thing!!

  12. I found the giveaway through the this & that hop. My favorite thing about decorating is when we start going through the decorations and remember where we got them or who have them to us.