Friday, October 13, 2017

Spray Away Nail Polish Remover from Nail Aid sold at Wal-Mart

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Wal-mart has a new beauty product launch and we are excited to tell you about it. It's called Spray Away and it is a 1 second nail polish remover, the first-ever aerosol nail polish remover that provides fast and effortless nail color removal while hydrating nails, available exclusively in all 4500+ Walmart stores nationwide. We have been using it for awhile now and agree you will love it as much as we do!

Unlike other removers that use water to dilute the harsh effects of acetone, Spray Away uses aerosol technology to marry acetone and other moisturizing ingredients such as keratin and collagen, which would not be possible with any other application (think oil and vinegar). Acetone is long known to be most effective in removing nail polish, but now you could use it guilt-free without the repercussions on your nails!

The three 1 second spray away formulas are:
  • Acetone Spray Remover Hyaluronic & Collagen (Gold bottle) Powerful hyaluronic and collagen formula strengthens splitting, peeling nails.
  • Acetone Spray Remover Keratin & Cocoa Butter (Blue bottle) Protein-rich keratin and cocoa butter formula fortifies thin, weak nails.
  • Non-Acetone Spray Remover Ceramide & Coconut Oil (Green bottle) Moisture-binding ceramide and coconut oil nourish dry, brittle nails.
    Spray Away is very easy to use;
  • Just spray directly & soak cotton ball, then swipe away.
  • No polish stains left behind.
  • Hydrates nails & skin. No dryness, no white residue.
  • 100% leak and spill proof. No mess.

    We love that it is spill proof and has a locking cap to prevent our children and pets from getting ahold of it.

    You can connect with Nail Aid via Facebook , Instagram , , You Tube and Nail Aid Website

    1. This sounds like a great way to remove polish. I have not seen this before. I will have to pick some up soon. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

    2. I'll look for this next time I'm shopping for nail polish remover.

    3. I've never seen anything like this! It looks like a great product :)

    4. this sounds great for taking off gel polish on my fingers now! I'll look for this next time I got to Walmart!

    5. The Acetone Spray Remover can be used with PLA (3d print) smoothing

    6. I love the concept!
      Thanks for sharing.
      Enjoy your weekend!

    7. This sounds amazing. I can't wait to try it.

    8. WOW! I have to have this, I love wearing nail polish but when it's time to remove it I always have to give a second try because of the residue

    9. I have not heard of this before but will have to try this as the other nail polish remover takes several tries to get all of the polish off.

    10. My teen daughter would love this, I will have to get her some for Christmas

    11. My high school teen said she'd like to give this nail polish remover a try.

    12. I rarely use nail polish but I might if this really works! My nails grab polish and they stay looking like new for a long time!!

    13. I like the idea of this. It would make life much simpler. I know my niece would love it.
      ellen beck

    14. Spray Away nail polish remover sound amazing. I love how it has the moisturizer too. Thanks for sharing this awesome product.