Monday, November 6, 2017

Barbie Crystal Geology Set Great for Gifting

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received Barbie Crystal Geology from Thames and Kosmos to review recently.

My granddaughter loves barbie dolls, I knew she'd love this Barbie Crystal Geology set. She's learning to excavate real mineral specimens and create her own dazzling jewelry.

Barbie and her friend visit a natural history museum after recently finding inspiration to learn about crystals in a gem shop. They get taught by a geologist about the rock cycle and Their whole science class goes on a field trip to find and identify real mineral specimens.

As you read along with the story, your child can perform experiments alongside Barbie to learn about geology. Special tools included to excavate three real mineral specimens from a plaster block. Conduct mineral identification tests on them to find out what they are. Then, mount the mineral specimens onto rings you can keep and wear. Learn about the geological science of how minerals form, the rock cycle, and mineral identification tests.

This set features:

  • Excavate real mineral specimens and create your own dazzling jewelry
  • Explore the geological science of crystals, rocks, and minerals
  • Includes 16-page, full-color storybook manual

    My granddaughter has been having hours of fun and it is educational fun. She loves escavating the material for her own jewelry. This is a wonderful affordable gift idea.

    Founded in 2001, Thames and Kosmos founded in 2001, by a science museum director and her son. They both saw the great need and demand for better science education materials and resources for parents and their children that are more engaging, more effective, more relevant, and more fun. Thames & Kosmos has published more than 250 unique science kits since 2001, ranging from small, single-experiment kits retailing for under $10 to huge, cutting-edge kits with hundreds of experiments retailing for over 100 Thames & Kosmos products are highly regarded by parents, teachers, and members of the toy and educational products industries. Since the beginning, T&K products have received dozens of awards from the most reputable organizations that review products for children.

    You can connect with Thames and Kosmos via @ThamesAndKosmos , Facebook , You Tube and Thames and Kosmos Website

    1. What a wonderful gift idea...I have two very creative grandchildren who will love this for christmas

    2. This is fabulous!! I am loving this change in girl's toys more to the science and technology realm!! Really empowering girls and showing them they can do and be interesting in science related topics too!! Plus they are tons of fun!

    3. What a cute idea, I love that she gets her own set of tools to learn more about geology.

    4. That might be a neat way to get little girls who love Barbie introduced to something like Geology. Very good idea.

    5. Good set for discovery, fun stuff too, Makes a unique gift.

    6. This is really different, and I like it. I like how Barbie is 'doing' something, although Barbie migh be sitting it out while the child does it- least Barbie can watch!

      ellen beck

    7. awesome for my niece, she would love it

    8. What a great gift idea. I love that they incorporate Barbie to show that girly girls can get dirty too, my daughter's would love this.

    9. Fun, fun, fun holiday gift and tossing a bit of learning while we're at it. A great gift.

    10. This looks awesome! I wish we had had these when I was young and a huge Barbie fan.

    11. This would make such a nice gift. I think my granddaughters would have lots of fun with this not even realizing that they are learning something as well. And the fact that it is a Barbie toy would be all the more appealing to them!