Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Festive Holiday Pet Costume from Clever Creations

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received a Festive Holiday Pet Costume for a review from Clever Creations .

Our furry family member is going to be warm and look quite festive celebrating this year in his miniature outfit by Clever Creations . He looks adorable in this! Not only does this outfit keep our furry friend warm they go with the holidays.

These miniature outfits for our friends fit on many breeds. This outfit's hat measures 6.5" x 11" and the scarf measures 27" x 3.25".  Celebrate the holidays by getting your furry little members of your family these adorable outfits to keep them warm. Perfect for taking them for walks on those fall and winter days leading up to the holidays. This outfit is made of soft cloth that won’t rub uncomfortably or cause discomfort when worn on walks and is ideal for dogs that may have somewhat sensitive skin.

Our furry, not so little, Buddy looks so cute in his new holiday outfit. The neighbors have commented how cute he looks when we have taken him out on his walks. I like that he will be warmer on colder nights. The outfit is soft and does not irritate his skin, it is made of high quality material.

In this picture Buddy has his paw over his face. He is realizing it is getting to that time of year again and thinking "I ain't been nuttin' but bad." Which of course is definitely not true! Although, he has been caught being a little to social with Christina's puppy, pulled my granddaughter along on a walk, and ate an entire pack of bacon treats sometime during the night. We pet people all know that these "bad" behaviors are bound to happen now and then. Imagine if people could act no worse than dogs, life would surely be kinder. - Back to the festive costume my only problem, and it isn't with the costume itself, is I should have chosen one a bit bigger for him.

Clever Creations make only the finest home goods and other products of the highest quality, from seasonal decor to staple home items and more. Cute and festive this dog, well, we used it for our dog, Christmas costume will make your beloved pet ready for the Holiday and the pictures will be adorable!

Clever Creations offers many affordable products such as Advent Calendars, Christmas Decor of all kinds, Foot Massagers, Bricks, Foot Rests, Water bottles, Wall Art, Gifts and much more.

This cute pet costume can be purchased via Amazon HERE

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  1. That is adorable!! Your dog looks like they enjoy the outfit! :)

  2. This is so cute!! I love dressing up the dogs for different holidays.

  3. Aw, I used to make my dog wear a Santa hat too but it didn't stay on very long. I love all the costume ideas for pets!