Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hamsters in a House series 2 Little Cupcake Bakery from Zuru

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received the Hamsters in a House Series 2 Little Cupcake Bakery from Zuru . These are a sweet treat for your Zuru hamsters.

Hamsters in a House are a super fun interactive pet from Zuru. These tiny creatures move just like their furry cousins. They move by vibrating their brushes, there are no wheels to catch hair and these hamsters are able to move across any smooth flat surface. Hamster in a House Hamsters are soft playmates that live in the fun-filled environments. The hamsters operate on batteries and feature an on/off switch to conserve the power when not in use.

The Zuru Hamsters in a House Series 2 Little Cupcake Bakery is a favorite place of many Hamsters from the Series 2 Food Frenzy. Hamsters are well known for their sweet tooth and the Cupcake Bakery is a super fun sweet time.

The Little Cupcake Bakery for the hamsters features a zoom in area where your Hamsters can choose and pick up their favorite cupcake. The set also includes cupcake bakery, exclusive Hamster and 3 curved tracks. The Zuru Hamsters in a House Series 2 Little Cupcake Bakery is the perfect place for your kids to hang out with their Hamsters.

These play sets are perfect for children who would like to have hamsters as pets. Our three year old granddaughter loves these tiny creatures. She giggles and laughs seeing them move, our older grandchildren love building their hamster worlds. These are perfect affordable holiday gift ideas for children this year.

Zuru is an award winning company that designs, develops manufactures and markets innovative toys. Zuru was inspired by kids and imaginative play. Their known for their creativity, agility and new-age manufacturing techniques. Zuru has successfully built their own global brands such as Bunch O Balloons, X-Shot, Robo Alive, Micro Boats and Hamsters in a House. Millions of families have been delighted by Zuru all over the world through partnerships with entertainment properties, including Nickelodeon, Disney, Universal Studios and DreamWorks.

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  1. Oh my--My cat would probably go after the "hamsters". That said I think this would be great fun for kids of all ages!!

  2. THis is too cute, I don't want to get a real hamster but a cute fake one to play with, would be a great christmas gift.

  3. This is such a cute little hamster! My granddaughters would love playing with this toy!

  4. Zuru's are sooooo cute! I got my eldest twins them when they first came out. Now, this would be awesome for my youngest.

  5. I wish they had cute toys like this when I was little. My grandson got one of those hampsters that spin around on a wheel last year for Christmas.

  6. This is too cute. My grandkids and my cat would be fighting over it.