Thursday, November 30, 2017

HOOT! the Fun Outdoor Game from Seaturtle Sports

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received the outdoor game HOOT! from SeaTurtle Sports to facilitate a review.

Outdoor games are fun for a variety of ages whether that is young children, college kids, or a more mature crowd. HOOT! breaks down the ability and entertainment barriers and is designed for spontaneous, unpredictable social gaming and fun. Its inspiration is a traditional team game called Egg Toss and a classic outdoor game, Scoop Ball. They took the best of both and added a new twist.

My grandchildren toook it to a different level by each of them having two scoops. This was fun to watch and as you can see they had a hysterically fun time!

Game of HOOT! Includes:

  • Four plastic scoops
  • Two rubber balls
  • Custom carry bag
  • Laminated weatherproof rules

    This game is super lightweight and portable. It requires no assembly meaning you can take this game with you anywhere. HOOT! is especially great for the park, beach, camping or family reunions. The game is played by four or more players, two per team, where one team member tosses a rubber ball and the other attempts to catch it with a hand-held scoop as it progressively gets to more difficult distances. Teams score on offense but can also score when playing defense by intercepting their opponent’s tossed ball. Teams can also call shots, by shouting out HOOT!, with double points awarded on a completed toss. The first team to reach 21 points wins the match.

    HOOT! is the perfect gift for family and friends as it is a gift that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family! This game will provide hours of laughter and fun.

    The beginning of SeaTurtle Sports actually begins back in 2002, while on a family vacation in Grayton Beach, Florida, when the idea for the business - or at least their first game, Beach Bocce Ball – was born.

    They set out to craft a bocce set that was both portable and durable, pairing bright, beachy colors with injection molded bocce balls that wouldn’t crack or rust, finally, they received their first Beach Bocce sets in the spring of 2005.

    With confidence SeaTurtle Sports pushed on to develop more innovative games that would bring family and friends together to unwind, socialize, and make lifelong memories. It was a family affair with their growing boys, their friends, and ambitious college interns helping concept and prototype new game ideas, including market testing through tailgating, special events and summer “beach tours.”

    Today SeaTurtle Sports is expanding rapidly with multiple products and a dedicated team, thriving in their roles as product designers, marketers, and managers, including their now college educated sons. It is rewarding to see so many people embracing their games and taking time offline to connect with family and friends. They hope you continue to enjoy their games as much as they do and that you’ll share your stories and the memories you make along the way.

    You can connect with SeaTurtle Sports via Facebook , SeaTurtleSports , You Tube , Instagram , Pinterest , HOOT! and SeaTurtle Sports Website

    1. I remember a game similar but different when i was a kid. This would be fun for my children and i could even see them use it in the pool.

    2. Talk about a fun game for the whole family to enjoy! This is perfect for any season and I love that you can easily bring it with you on trips! SO FUN!!!

    3. These games seem very interesting. My kids will love them. I will try the Hoot game. There must be Entertainment and unpredictable social gaming and fun in everyone's life. It keeps your healthy and active.

    4. This looks so fun! It's almost winter here where I lived but it sounds like an interesting game to play in summer.

    5. I love it and it gets kids to play outside! We have hardly any outdoor things anymore since we moved. I'll have to consider a game like this in the spring.

    6. This looks like such a fun outdoor game! Looks like it's perfect for any season!

    7. Looks like a fun game! I think this would be great for kids.

    8. The kids will really enjoy this. Looks like it will be so much fun doing this game. This is perfect t for summer.

    9. This looks like so much fun! I love finding new outdoor games the whole family can enjoy - I have to get my own.

    10. Looks like a really fun game to play! I love that this encourages outdoor play. It looks so much like the egg toss game we used to play as kids.

    11. This is a fun game, and you can take it with you anywhere!