Saturday, November 25, 2017

Premium Mango Wood Cutting Board Includes Quality Serrated Bread Knife by Clever Creations

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received the Premium Mango Wood Cutting Board that Includes a Serrated Bread Knife for review from Clever Creations. My granddaughter tried to make a bird from an apple, she did quite well.

We have enjoyed the huge cutting surface and beauty of this cutting board. The knife cuts bread like a boss. This is definitely a great addition to our kitchen as noticed preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

The attractive design of the Mango Wood Cutting Board will help keep your kitchen counters looking clean. Cooking can be made easier using this cutting board and it has an attractive stylish design.

The Mango wood of the cutting board is naturally very beautiful high quality wood. It is gentle on knife blades to help prevent dulling. The Serrated built-in bread knife makes it convenient and easy to slice fresh bread without digging through your drawers to find what you need. The cutting board is very easy to clean.

This premium cutting board is large, there is more than enough space to prepare anything from bread to vegetables. It measures 9.75" x 13.25" x 0.75".

Clever Creations is committed to quality, safety, and your satisfaction when purchasing Clever Chef products.

Clever Creations make only the finest home goods of the highest quality, from seasonal decor to staple home items and more. Both functional and stylish, this Wood Cutting Board will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Clever Creations offers many affordable products such as Advent Calendars, Christmas Decor of all kinds, foot massagers, bricks, foot rests, water bottles, wall art, gifts and much more.

You can purchase this Premium Mango Wood Cutting Board including Quality Serrated Bread Knife HERE

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  1. That IS really cool! We have a few cutting boards but nothing as cool as this one!

  2. this looks really nice! I miss having a nice cutting board. not a big fan of the plastic one i have now

  3. That is such a cute idea to have a little place to keep the knife. I love wooden cutting boards, so this would be an awesome Christmas gift for me.

  4. I love that this board comes with the knife. The mango wood is really nice and would look beautiful hanging in any kitchen!

  5. That built in knife is a great idea. So convenient to have it right at hand when you need it.

  6. I love this cutting board! The hidden knife area is really cool too! I need a new board, mine was wooden, but broke in half!

  7. This board looks nice. I like the wood. Right now I use a plastic one and it has cut marks on it. Maybe next time I'll try a wooden one.

  8. This is a beautiful cutting board, the wood is gorgeous! I also like the built-in knife so it's always where you need it. Your granddaughter did an amazing job on the apple too!