Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Original Talking Hamster, Mimicry Pet from Chiachi Repeats Everything I say

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received The Original Talking Hamster for a review from Chiachi.

This precious little hamster repeated everything, even the "Oh no, what did I do" that I said realizing I had tossed his/her box. This is an adorable talking plush hamster that will mimic what you say and move his head up and down. The Mimicry is super smooth and soft on the outside and filled with high quality PP cotton.

This cool little hamster will mimic what you say, whether your speaking in English, Japanese, Spanish or Chinese. The hamster will mimic whatever language you say to it!

Speak clearly to the Mimicry and it will record perfectly in any environment. It not only mimics your voice but will also distinguish the volume. The hamster is even capable of recognizing the change of the tone between a male and a female. Mimicry also features the function of nodding which gives it an extra funny and lovable enjoyment.

My grandson tried to surprise his sister. He failed, she thought he was adorable!

These small characters were constructed carefully to be the ultimate cute and soft textured companion. The Mimicry pets are also intricately detailed, down to the cute little round eyeballs. The hamster was designed to sit firmly and does take three AAA batteries in the bottom.

My grandson absolutely thrills over this little hamster. He has enjoyed different apps that have repeated back to him what he says. So he thinks it is pretty cool that he now has a toy that does it.

The Mimicry toy is easy to use. To play with the hamster just switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic your every word in his funny and high pitched voice. Flip the switch to off position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.

You will know you are buying the original if the little tag attached says Chiachi.

You can purchase Mimicry HERE

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  1. How cute an it talks too that's adorable.