Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alternatives To Going Out Partying on New Years Eve

At some point in our lives we all want to get our party on when New Years Eve rolls around. I have only done that a few times in my life as the big party life was never something I acquired the taste for.
All of these options are with or without wine (except the babysitting and church of course)!

  • 1 . Let your friends know you are available to babysit for a certain amount of dollars per hour, per child. The word will get around and you'll make a bundle instead of spending a bundle.

  • 2 . Stay in with your partner or a friend and a good movie.

  • 3 . Invite a few good friends over for appetizers and conversation.

  • 4 . Have a dinner party with two or more special guests.

  • 5 . Plan an extra special evening with your children.

  • 6 . Avoid the bar scene by going out bowling, skating or another physical activity.

  • 7 . Grab your hubby or a bestie and seek out a good movie.

  • 8 . This one isn't completely about you. Call up your parents or a sibling and reminisce.

  • 9 . Write a long detailed letter to yourself or a loved one, I'd suggest wine with this one!

  • 10. Plan out your year ahead 2018 (within your ability.)

  • 11. Invite friends, make jello shots and get freaky, I'd suggest choosing your participants wisely!

  • 12. Bring the new year in in a giving way. Invite someone, who may not otherwise have plans, over or go visit them or suggest doing something together.

  • 13. Spend the evening at your own or a local church.

  • 14. Use the money you would have spent going out to add something new to your home or refurbish something you already own. Nothing like good ole work pride to bring in the new year.

  • 15. Spend the evening working on a hobby, although stop in time to enjoy the ball dropping.

    We hope each and every one of you have a happy, safe New Years Eve whether you choose one of these options or something totally different. We, here, at Mom To Grandma's blog wish you all a wonderful, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, enjoy!

    1. This is a fantastic list! My husband works, so I will be at home. I was never one for going out. My daughter is a teenager and she is having friends over for game night. I'll join in the fun and of course, I'll be making the food. That's as exciting as I need it to get.

    2. Way back when I used to go out on New Year's--sometimes to a Broadway Show (before they became too expensive)--and a couple of times to the non alcoholic parties they uaed to hold in Grand Central Station and the Pan Am bldg! Yes I even went to Times Square once---No more--now I stay home and wonder if I will be able to keep my eyes open long enough to watch the ball drop at midnight!! Here's wishong you and all you hold dear a healthy and happy 2018 and beyond!

    3. The last few year's it's been all about watching Ryan Seacrest on New Year's Eve. Thanks for the additional ideas

    4. I've never understood going out on New Year's Eve. I guess I'm not big on large parties to begin with & facing crowds (and drivers) who are drunk is not my idea of a good time. These options sound much better.

    5. I like the tip about offering to babysit for parents who want to go out.
      slehan at juno dot com

    6. We stayed in, as always, and played games till midnight. It's a family tradition since I was a kid to do this!

    7. We never go out for New Year's Eve unless it is an early dinner. To many drunk drivers. Thank you so much for sharing these suggestions. God Bless

    8. This is a great list of ideas. I generally stay at home with the kids and watch a good movie with fun snacks and then the Times Square activities on television and if we can stay awake we watch the ball drop.