Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Emojito Party Game One of Our Holiday Get Together Go To's

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received Emojito to review from Tactic Games .

If your having a get together or a party this holiday season and you need an ice breaker, I would recommend Emojito. This is a hilariously funny game! Get your emotion ready to rumble with Emojito! I personally promise you there will not be a straight face left in the room.

Emojito is recommended for ages 8 and up, although a great play for almost any age. My grandson is five years old and caught on rather quickly, it wasn't as easy for him to show the emotion, although he was in on in the laughter and fun. For 2-14 players and you can play in teams. The game comes with very clear instructions and is quite easy to catch onto. Players will compete by expressing themselves without words and acting out their emotions.

All players do is simply pick a card and imitate the emotion shown on it. Pictured on the cards are a range of characters each depicting an emotion. The emotion will be shown in one of three ways,sound, facial expressions or a combination of the two. It will be up to the other players to guess what emotion your trying to show. Each player must use either sounds or facial expressions portray emotion shown on their emotion cards. Then, that card is mixed with six other cards and spread around the seven-sided numbered board. The other players then try to guess the emotion that was demonstrated by picking the picture and number they believe correlates with the emotion. For every correct guess players move their token around numbered board. The first to complete five rounds around the board is the winner! The more experience players gain, they can can progress to another interesting part of the game called the secret message game. Its a fun family game.

The pieces of this game are colorful, durable and hold up well to lots of game play. The game was well manufactured. We have a ton of fun each and every time we pull it out.

Add Emojito to your game collection this holiday season. Its fun affordable and the kids even the kids at heart love this!

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  1. This sounds interesting for a holiday get together.

  2. You always share the fun stuff Gladys! With the cold months rolling in and lots of indoor play dates, I totally need new fun games. This one really looks like a blast!

  3. This sounds like quite a fun game! It would be perfect for family get-togethers this holiday season.

  4. This sounds so fun! We alwaays play games at holidays in my family and this one sounds like the adults and kids would enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Party games are so much fun! Especially something like this. I love that the game is easy to understand and I'm sure the guests would enjoy playing!

  6. This would be a fun game during team building activities at work. I will get one for my family and donate one to our Human Resource - Learning and Development Department.

  7. This looks like such a fun game! I am a huge sucker for a good board game.