Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Healthy Things To Do With Your Children Over Break

I know all parents can become overwhelmed and often stressed,I think for awhile I forgot that children,too,are often stressed and need healthy outlets to channel their thoughts and emotions. School breaks or vacations can lead to these feelings because they have so much un constructed time on their hands. I have started just a short list of ideas, to help use this time, in healthy ways. Please feel free to add as many as you wish in the comments below.

1. Hide any number of items in your yard or park area. The first to find them all gets a non sugar treat.

2. Go on long walks dressed for the weather.

3. Take them and their pet to a park or dog park.

4. Bring your child and a size appropriate shovel while you both shovel off a seniors sidewalk.

5. Walk to somewhere fun like a relatives or out for hot cocoa.

6. Make snow angels or if your lucky sand castles.

7. Try out the Pokemon Go or learn how to play.

8. Take a class or try a few sessions of something new at your local Y or gym.

9. Let your child pick out a meal and let them help prepare it as much as they are capable.

10. Let them pick out a movie and snack maybe even stay up late for movie night.

11. Go on a short road trip to somewhere near by that you haven't been before. Our first one was to an old bridge.

12. Take them to story time at your local library and maybe talk about the power of books, they can take you anywhere your imagination allows.

13. Discuss a craft they would like to make then go to an inexpensive store like Wal-mart to pick up what you need and follow through with making the craft.

14. Let them choose a friend and have a play date complete with brown bag lunches.

15. Take a sibling or friend and let them go sledding.

The list is endless, name some of your ideas that I have forgotten!


  1. our town has a painted rock scavenger hunt,,a lot of ppl paint these rocks and put them all over town for the kids to hunt,,then they are suppposed to either rehide the rock or make one of their own to replace it and hide it in town too,,its a lot of fun and rocks are free,,so just a little paint and fun outside hunting rocks

  2. Great list of ideas shared, thank you for sharing the blog post. I am thinking of planning this new year vacation with my kids, the hot cocoa idea seems great.

  3. It would be so nice to do something with the kids so you can maximize your time with them! I think these are really fun ideas!

  4. I always run out of ideas over the break! Thank you for sharing your list!

  5. These are all wonderful ideas. I have been trying to do #9 with as much patience as possible.

  6. Great ideas! With the cold weather that we are currently having in the Northeast, I think it will be good to try some of the indoor activities with my grandkids.

  7. Doing things outside is so much fun, it is good to keep moving during the holidays, especially with all the tempting desserts and fattening foods.

  8. I think you about covered them all! There really are plenty of things to do on school breaks. Of course with the blizzard we are now having--they will have to stay inside! Maybe hide stuff in your house and let them search in there--and when it is better outside--go out and make a snow person!

  9. i like the long walks and my kids love the walks to be any weather. its very healthy exercise any day.

  10. These are all good ideas. Considering how much snow we have right now, with my niece & nephews out for snow days, the 'shovel a senior's walk/drive' one sounds good.