Sunday, December 10, 2017

Leo Won't Part With His Spin-A-Bone from BULLIBONE

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Some facts have been taken directly from BULLIBONES site, although my opinions, as always, are my own.

When we gave Leo his new SPIN-A-Bone from BULLIBONE he was very excited, just about taking it before he was allowed. Once he had it he sat there like he had won a big championship, like posing. Dylan took it for a minute and when he gave it back Leo ran and hid with it, so cute!

Ready for a totally new spin on playtime for you and your pup!? Here at Bullibone, we set out on a mission to create a brand new toy that’s fully interactive, mentally stimulating and has an irresistible flavor that.

I love that BULLIBONES are 100% American made from the Bacon in their bones to the boxes they ship with! You don't find this too often anymore.

Bullibones are super tuff nylon chews flavored all the way through! Shaped with an easy-hold paw grip, your best bud can hang on and enjoy for hours! Available in three sizes and three flavors, Bullibones are perfect for every dog. I may not have chosen the correct size for Leo as I initially intended this for our older dog Buddy, however, he hasn't been feeling the best lately.

The success of Bullibones continues to amaze LeeBob Willingham, the company’s founder. His initial desire to find a way to keep his English bulldog, Boogie, from destroying furniture legs and shoes has blossomed into an incredible business success story.


Bullibone is a socially responsible small business that produces quality long-lasting nylon dog chews. Our primary initiative is to create products that promote good hygiene, good mental and physical health and an overall better quality of life for pets.


Making dogs happy with healthy habits.

You can purchase BULLIBONES at Walmart, TOPS Friendly Markets, Albertsons Companies, TSC TRACTOR SUPPLY Co, WOODMAN'S MARKETS, Strack & Van Tie and Schnucks.

You can connect with BULLIBONES via Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , @Bullibones and BULLIBONE Website .


  1. First and foremost, Leo is an adorable doggy! If I had a dog, I would get this cool spin bone for him/her. I like that it can keep your dog from chewing on other things.

  2. I like that these are American made. They look like they will be easy for dogs to hold on to.