Thursday, December 14, 2017

Professional Farmer: American Dream the newest from UIG Entertainment for PS4

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We reviewed Professional Farmer: American Dream from UIG Entertainment .

Professional Farmer: American Dream is a spin off from the professional Farmer series. This game takes you to a ranch that is set in the cultivating landscapes of the midwest. Players can build their dreams of being a rancher in America surrounded by towering mountain ranges and lush fields as far as the eye can see. Players can live the American dream on a ranch in the USA!

I love the graphics in all the games from UIG Entertainment. The impressive surroundings were inspired by the American Mid West. Their realistic along with having a realistic experience of being a farmer. Players drive pick up trucks and tractors, tend their cattle, cultivate their fields and reap their thriving harvest.

Professional Farmer: American Dream players can take the opportunity to specialize in the flourishing pumpkin business. This is a new exclusive feature. The farm equipment is faithful to the original equipment. They can work with tractors, harvesters and much more farm equipment to milk that proverbial cow, so to speak! There are lots of different crops to grow and animals to raise.The field phases are visible and the soil is dynamic. There is also a career mode with an extensive tutorial.

My family is having a great time building their farms. This is an excellent way to spend those cold winter days you would just rather stay inside. These games come at an affordable price and provide hours of fun play time.

The UIG Entertainment GmbH was founded in 2005 by managing director Christoph Bayer and is one of the leading distributors of casual games and license simulator games as well as own developments in Germany. Many well known partners trust the excellent distrtibution network in the different retail channels. UIG is also presenting tools like the computer easy series.

Professional Farmer: American Dream is the latest spin-off from the Professional Farmer series, scheduled for release on PS4 and PC end of October 2017.

You can connect with UIG Entertainment via Facebook , @UIGInt and UIG Entertainment Website


  1. Wow! PS4 is really awesome. I love the Professional farmer idea. I would like to experience farming, raising animals virtualy. That looks really enjoying .

  2. Oh now this is a game I would like to get for my son. It doesn't include fighting, guns, or anything of that sort!

  3. Oh my son would love PS4! He is 6 and we just got him a DS for Christmas!

  4. We already have PS2 & PS3 and now my hubs is eyeing on PS4. This sounds like a fun and educational strategy game that my family will enjoy playing. I'm going to check if it works for PS3

  5. I have some friends who are really into gaming that I bet would love this. I might have to add this to my Christmas list. Thanks!

  6. My boys are into gaming, however they prefer the MMPORPG. I will still let them know about this new game if they want it. I will recommend it though to my nephew. I think he'll love this.

  7. That sounds like a game that my husband and son would love to play! Thank you for the idea for Father's Day!

  8. Lots of fun these simulators bring.

  9. Great gift to that someone special, they make all kinds of simulation games these days. Graphics improved a lot.