Thursday, December 14, 2017

Transport Giant - Be A Transport Tycoon from UIG Entertainment

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We reviewed Playstation 4 game TRANSPORT GIANT - BE A TRANSPORT TYCOON from UIG Entertainment .

Transport Giant isa simulation game about moving goods and people around, building up transport infrastructure. Players need to construct roads, rail, and stations in order to facilitate the movement of goods and people around. As urban areas grow, the infrastructure will grow and players will earn more money from the population increasing. A tutorial included will show you basically how the game is played.

It's the year 1850, a new era of mass production and mass transportation has begun. There are many opportunities for a smart business man. On every corner. a new company can be found. The world is in need of all kinds of goods and the growth of cities is increasing dramatically. But how do the goods get to the customer?

Players will establish a transport company in the year 1850 and try to make as much profit as possible over the next 200 years. Players will have to establish means of transportation for raw materials, finished goods and for workers and employees to get them to work.

  • Simulation of a complex but easy-to-grasp transportation cycle
  • Set-up of transport routes complete with infrastructure
  • Carriage of goods and passengers
  • Changing economic situations
  • Three different scenarios (Europe, USA and Australia)
  • Several campaigns and numerous endless maps
  • Ingenious signalling and guidance system for trains
  • Over 130 vehicles (trains, monorails, superconductor trains, lorries, ships, aeroplanes and helicopters)
  • Over 60 different products and industries
  • Over 500 different buildings

    The UIG Entertainment GmbH was founded in 2005 by managing director Christoph Bayer and is one of the leading distributors of casual games and license simulator games as well as own developments in Germany. Many well known partners trust the excellent distrtibution network in the different retail channels. UIG is also presenting tools like the computer easy series.

    You can connect with UIG Entertainment via Facebook , @UIGInt and UIG Entertainment Website

    1. My husband is so into trains, he might love this!! Thanks for the gift idea. :)

    2. My oldest son loves trains. he also loves learning! This would make a great gift for him.

    3. My kids both loved watching trains when they were little. This sounds like a great game for sure.

    4. This is awesome! It's definitely a fun game and it's also perfect for kids who are interested and fascinated with trains!

    5. This looks like it would be such a fun game. I think my son would really like this.

    6. My cousin loves trains and would be crazy about this! I am definitely going to tell him about it.

    7. This looks like a fun game! We love trying out new board games for our family to play - great quality time for us.

    8. I'm not a gamer but this one does intrigue me. Whoever plays it will be learning about the history of transportation of goods and services and a whole lot more.

    9. Nice! My daughters have a friend that is WAY into trains and has a birthday coming up. Problem solved!