Saturday, February 17, 2018

Domino Rally Ultra Power from Goliath Oh What Fun

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received another wonderful product from Goliath Games for a review.

The Domino Rally Ultra Power set is for one or more players age 6 years and up. This is an engineering activity for children that is great for STEM learning. It is a classic kind of fun! A Domino race set new and experienced players of Dominos.

My granddaughter is fascinated with the action of the falling Dominos with the most amazing stunts and a power dealer that automatically sets the Dominos back up! How cool is that folks!

This set includes two straight speed tracks, two curved speed tracks, a rocket tower, zig zag stairs, a power dealer, 30 speed Dominos, and more than 150 multi-colored dominoes. The set requires two AA batteries that are not included.

My granddaughter has so much fun with this set.It makes it so much easier that it sets the Dominos back up. I think this also lends to holding her attention longer that she doesn't have to do that part herself. I love toys and games that lend to the educating of children. These products make buying them so much more worth it. Goliath is always great about providing these kinds of games and activities for children.

We recommend these Domino Rally sets for anyone who has children to keep occupied. They keep children busy building. They are a fun active set that helps children with concentration and fine motor skills.

Goliath Games markets brands such as Rummikub, Triominos, Rolit, Wordsearch, Pop the Pig, Doggie Doo, Gooey Looey, Robofish, Domino Rally and many more sold under the flag of Goliath. Currently Goliath owns and operates offices in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, USA (Goliath LLC and Pressman), Canada, Hong Kong and Australia (Crown & Andrews). Their head office (R&D, financial administration and logistics) is located in the Netherlands, from where we export to approximately 70 countries world-wide. The Goliath slogan is ‘Clever Together!’ this applies to their products that combine fun and wittiness, as well as the internal processes of creating and marketing them.

If your interested in Learning more about Goliath Games or want to purchase your own Domino Rally Ultra Power you can connect via Facebook , @GoliathGamesUS , You Tube and Goliath Games Website .


  1. I am all for games that help with building skills that kids will ultimately need-either now or in the future. I think it was a very good idea to have something that resets those domino's!!

    1. Me too! My grandma loved to do anything w/dominoes. This one def. would have been in our house.

  2. This looks like a fun family game! I love finding other things to do as a family besides watching TV, especially on rainy days!!

  3. This game looks like a lot of fun. Most kids love nothing more than knocking bricks down but There are a lot of fun motor skill building by building it up!

  4. Oh my, this looks like a really fun game with plenty of hands on aspects which my boys like. Great for learning as well.

  5. I like Goliath Games. My son has never done a domino run. I bet he would like it.

  6. The kids would love this! We should look into it for these cold indiana winter days