Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pop-A-Lotz Surprise Pops Make Fun Easter Gifts

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

One of the items in my grandchildren's Easter Baskets this year are Pop-A-Lotz Surprise Pops from Jay at Play .

My grandchildren love the different surprise bags and toys they offer now days. The element of a surprise is such fun. They had a lot of fun with the Pop-A-Lotz Surprise Pops, as seen on television.

Each surprise pop includes three blind bags, poms poms and confetti. These are cute push and pop collectibles filled with lots of fun surprises. There is one with eight pom poms and confetti, one foodie plush, a scented Bellipop plush and four collectors chips.

The push and pops are scented like all your favorite foods. They are delicious scents. The poppers are also reusable so the kids get more popping fun. Zaine is showing his and now saving it to POP again!

These push and pops would be great fun for children's parties. They will be a hit as Easter basket fillers. My grandchildren want to collect them all!

You can connect with Jay at Play via Facebook , @jayatplaytoys and Jay at Play Website


  1. Those do sound like a lot of fun. Would probably be really good on the 4th of July and a whole lot safer then fire crackers!!

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  3. These are some great gifts for kids. I really think that they would be a huge hit in our house!

  4. I scare easily...if I open crescent rolls, I nearly pee my pants, I'm certain these would definitely make me pee my pants! LOL! But as long as the kids love em right?

  5. Some really interactive interesting fun