Wednesday, March 7, 2018

SEMOO Sleeping Bag Has Many Uses

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We received a Sleeping Bag from SEMOO to facilitate a review.

Camping and hiking are two of my favorite activities. When I was younger it was no problem to go out and sleep on the ground under the stars. I still love sleeping under the stars, I just have to bring along items that make my experience sleeping on the ground half way comfortable. As you get older your body demands more comfort.

The sleeping bags from SEMOO are multifunctional and comfortable. Their designed to ensure a relaxing night's sleep after a fun camping or hiking day. The sleeping bags have an envelope design that offer warmth and maximum comfort. A two way main zipper allows the bag to be fully opened and used as a quilt or the bottom can be unzipped for ventilation. The dimensions of the sleeping bag are 74.8x33 inches.

The sleeping bags are soft, breathable with comfortable temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, a moderate temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Their ideal for three seasons. The sleeping bags were manufactured using nylon and polyester. They are filled with a Micro Loft for better insulation and reduced pack size. The high quality stitching of the sleeping bags are precise and enhance the durability even further.

I really like that the sleeping bags are easy to carry. If you have chosen a long hike it sure does make the walk a lot easier. The sleeping bag comes with a travel friendly bag, a compression sack with straps that makes it very convenient to store and carry. It is lightweight and durable.

This sleeping bag from SEMOO will help to make your camping or traveling more comfortable. Your hiking experience can be a more pleasant experience without adding all those extra pounds to your backpack.

These sleeping bags are soft and comfortable to sleep in. They are also water-resistant which makes it even nicer. They can be used for both indoor and outside activities. Carry these with you anywhere you need to go inside the convenient carrying bag. These are a great item to buy for yourself or gift your family and friends!

SEMOO is internationally known for the design, manufacturing, and distribution of leisure outdoor gear and products. They provide optimal products aimed at satisfying their clients' needs, as well as their interactions and relationships with nature. From refund to replacement, SEMOO is there to make sure that you are satisfied. If for any reason you are ever unsatisfied with a SEMOO product just let them know and they will fix it.

SEMOO offers a wide range of products. They devote theirselves to the improvement of their clients' enjoyment of their lives outdoors, which is reflected in the impeccable design and function of their products. Super high quality materials, fashionable designs, competitive prices, and a solid reputation have made SEMOO products popular the world over.

You can purchase the SEMOO Sleeping Bag HERE


  1. Although I have no wish to camp outside (unless there is an inflatable apartment or house I can stay in with all the amenities) I can definitely see me using this during the winter months right on my bed--It can get really cold in here on occasion--This would definitely keep me snug and warm!

  2. I love sleeping bags from SEMOO . I have one I used it for my travel and it is really comfortable.

  3. Sleeping in an uncomfortable sleeping bag is the worst part of camping. These SEMOO sleeping bags sound like they would make sleeping under the stars a much more enjoyable experience.

  4. We are camping with the kids for the first time this summer! Looks like a great sleeping bag!

  5. Our Family WorldMarch 9, 2018 at 8:51 PM

    Oh wow. Those sleeping bags look really nice and comfy to sleep on. Let me check our camping supplies. Maybe we need to get new sleeping bags for our camping trips this year.

  6. I used to sleep in a sleeping back growing up. Something about the material pleases me!

  7. Sleeping bags are an actually amazing thing to have. A nice thick one makes for a decent bed on the floor!

  8. Have not used or come across this before but it sure has alot of use and benefits.

  9. My kids love to have sleepovers in each other's rooms so these would definitely come in handy for that. They do look so comfortable!