Sunday, April 29, 2018

Missing Mondays; The Disappearance Of Katelin Michelle Akens


  • Katelin Akens 19 years old
  • Race: White Female
  • Hair: Strawberry Blonde (short)
  • Eyes: Blue - Dark Frame Glasses
  • Ht: 5'4" Wt 122
  • Piercings: nose, lower right lip, ears (guage style)
  • Tattoos: Butterflies on left forearm covering slash marks/scars, 3 red
  • Stars on left foot

    Katelin was last seen wearing a black "Bass Pro" brand fleece jacket and black pants. She was wearing Black and Pink Vann's brand shoes. She wears dark frame glasses and her strawberry hair is short, lower than her ears but not at her neck.

    Katelin Akens had lived with her mother Lisa Sullivan in Caroline County, Virginia until September 2014 when she moved in with her girlfriend in Havasu County, Arizona. Shortly after the birth of her nephew Katelin returned to Fredericksburg, Virginia for a visit. She flew in on December 1 for what was suppose to be a 4 night visit.

    On the morning Katelin was scheduled to fly back home to Arizona, she made sure to grab her high school diploma. Katelin had graduated at the age of 16 and was very proud of herself for accomplishing this. She also needed this to enroll into cosmetology school in Arizona.

    Katelin and her mother left her mom's house at 8:30am. They were en route to Katelin's ex step father's house in Partlow, James Branton. James Branton and Katelin's mother Lisa had disappeared a few years before. They had remained friendly up until this time. James had agreed to take his step daughter to the airport that morning because Lisa had to work. Lisa said everything had appeared normal that morning. Katelin had been holding her diploma as she spoke to her ex step father about her plans for cosmetology school. Lisa had to be at work by 10am so she asked Katelin to call her when she arrived at Reagan National Airport, then again when she boarded the plane. Katelin agreed that she would call.

    Several hours later Lisa received a text from James Branton saying he had dropped her off at the airport. Lisa asked him how the traffic was on the way there. He had answered her that it wasn't bad. Eight minutes after the text from James, Lisa received another text from Katelin's phone saying "I'm at the airport, battery dying, so won't be able to text for a bit"

    Growing up Katelin wanted to be a headstart teacher. She had attended the federal program for low income preschoolers when she was four years old. Lisa, her mom, said that Katelin really loved babies and that kids always liked being with her. Katelin had frizzy blonde hair that she would tame with a straightner. "If she went to bed with wet hair she would wake up looking like a troll doll". her mom said with a laugh. If Lisa joked with Katelin about her hair Katelin would say "I slept good" In elementary and Middle School Katelin would spend hours braiding her hair or styling it with small rubber bands. Katelin and her sister Gabi now 17 loved when their mother would fix their hair. Lisa affectionately describes her daughter as a "very natural blonde" who could be clumsy at times. Katelin loved Hello Kitty products (was allergic to real cats) tattoos and piercings.

    Katelin never made that flight back to Arizona. No one has seen her since as far as police know. 48 hours after her disappearance her suitcase was discovered, because of a missing wheel and scuff marks investigators conclude the suitcase was just tossed from a moving vehicle. It was discovered not far from James Branton's home in a drainage ditch off River Road near Mott's Run Reservoir in Spotsylvania. Inside the luggage was Katelin's ID, Cell phone charger, wallet, plane ticket, pair of glasses and credit card. Not among these items were her clothes cell phone or her high school diploma. Many family members would try calling her cell phone it would go straight to voice mail.

    James Branton claimed he had dropped Katelin off near the JC Penney at around 1pm. So initially the Sheriff's office reported that Katelyn had been dropped off at the Springfield Town Center and was suppose to take the metro to the airport, this information they attributed to James Branton. Capt Liz Scott has came out and said that investigators now believe Katelin never left the Fredericksburg area. They have gone over footage from JC Penney's security cameras and did not see Katelin Akens, James Branton or his vehicle near JC Penney's that day.

    Also strange that when investigators found out where Katelin's cell pinged it was no where near the airport. Remember I said Katelin's step father texted Lisa. When his pings were checked it was like he had never left his home. James Branton declined to turn over the password for his encrypted cell phone and has refused to take a polygraph test. Detectives say they have not spoke to James in two years. Investigators searched his home, taking a variety of guns, electronics, and Branton's DNA but there was nothing that led to Katelin.

    As the days and months pass since Katelin's disappearance Lisa and her family mark special occassions by letting balloons go up in the air with messages on them, hoping someone somewhere will find one and remember they might have seen something small that may lead investigators to piece this together and bring Katelin home to her family, where she belongs.

    Our prayers go out to Katelin, her family and her friends.

    Remember everyone this is my first post for Missing Monday, if it wasn't perfect I promise to keep working at perfecting them so that this vital information is clear and possibly gets to where it needs to be.

    If you have any information about this case please call 1-800-928-5822 or 1-540-582-5822 and reference case number 15-109739.

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    7. Geraline BatarraMay 1, 2018 at 6:52 AM

      This is really a sad moment for the family. I hope for Katelin's safety and I hope she will be found soon.

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