Sunday, May 13, 2018

Missing Mondays: Where is Jamie Fraley

Where Is Jamie Fraley?

  • Jamie Fraley
  • 22 years old when she disappeared
  • From Gastonia, Gasten County North Carolina
  • She disappeared just after midnight on April 8, 2008
  • Jamie is a Caucasian female
  • Blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • She's very petite at only 4"9
  • Weighed about 90 pounds
  • Police suspect fowl play in Jamie's disappearance.

    Jamie suffered anxiety and bipolar disorder throughout her life. In the couple years before her disappearance she had started to manage her illnesses with medication very well. Jamie was attending Gaston college and had her own apartment. She was planning a career as a substance abuse counselor. I haven't come across anything that says Jamie had a history with drugs or alcohol. She just really wanted to help people.

    Jamie was engaged when she went missing to Ricky Simons Jr. They had been engaged for about 2 years, since 2006. In 2007, Ricky was sentenced to 15 months in jail for larceny. His record showed he had a criminal history. Jamie supported Ricky during this time, she was in love with him. Ricky was not a suspect in Jamie's disappearance as he was in jail during this time.

    The day before Jamie disappeared she came down with a severe stomach flu/bug. She had went to the hospital twice, because Jamie didn't have a drivers liscence she had to rely on family and friends for rides. She received a prescription from her visit to the hospital. Jamie had also been dog sitting for a friend that day. When the friend came to get her dog she offered to drop Jamie's prescriptions at a local pharmacy. After the friend had left Jamie continued to be sick and decided to go back to the hospital.

    Jamie lived in the same apartment complex as Ricky's father, Ricky Simon Sr. He only lived a couple of doors down from Jamie, he was also a general maintanence man for the complex. Jamie asked Rick Sr to give her a ride to the hospital the second time and a nieghbor picked her up later. It is thought that this neighbor is the last person to see Jamie alive. At about midnight Jamie calls her mother and tells her she is still very sick and vomiting, she thinks she needs to go back to the hospital. At 130 in the morning she is talking to a friend on the phone. She told her friend her lift was there. She referred to the lift, the person picking her up as a he.

    Jamie never arrived at the hospital. There has been no records of Jamie anywhere since that phone call. The family realized she was missing when the following day she missed an important appointment. The family went to her apartment to check on her and found no one there. They found that Jamie's purse, keys and I.D. were left in the apartment. The only thing the family could not find was Jamie's phone. There was no sign of a struggle. Everything in her apartment appeared to be in place and undisturbed.

    A few days after Jamie's disappearance utility workers come across Jamie's phone about mile away from her home. Gaston County police handled the disappearance of Jamie Fraley. It was a major investigation, they put a lot of resources into locating Jamie. Unfortunately, they were unable to come with anything. By the time that they were able to look at Jamie's phone they were unable to take finger prints from it because so many people had handled it.

    All they really have is Jamie left her apartment at 130 in the morning with a man. There has been a suspect in the case. Ricky Simon Sr. Ricky Sr. like his son has a long criminal record. The most concerning is that in the 1980's Ricky Sr had spent 6 years in prison for manslaughter, he strangled his girlfriend to death. Detectives offered him a lie detector test concerning Jamie's disappearance and he refused.

    A strange twist in this story is that Ricky Sr. was found deceased exactly 2 months later on June 7th. An ex girlfriend had put out an order of protection against Ricky for harassing and stalking her. On June 6th the ex girlfriend smells a weird disgusting smell coming from her car. She doesn't think too much into it until the following day she notices it is still there. She realizes it is coming from the rear of her car. When she opened the trunk she finds the body of Ricky Simon Sr. A couple weeks before this the ex girlfriend had reported her purse, which held a set of car keys, missing. She realizes after finding Ricky Sr in her trunk he must have been the one to steal it. Investigators are not sure what motives Ricky Sr. had for being in the trunk of his ex girlfriend's car. They weren't sure if he had intended to scare her or hurt her. It was very very warm the day Ricky Sr. climbed into the trunk. The official cause of his death was a heat stroke.

    I added this about Ricky Sr. because I think there is a big chance that his story ties into Jamie's. He was one of the last people to see Jamie alive and with all of his other criminal deeds it is hard not to look at it and wonder.

    Regardless Jamie Fraley is still missing, her body has never been discovered. Her family still desperately wants to bring Jamie home. If you have any information what so ever that could lead to locating Jamie Fraley please contact the Gaston Police at (704) 869-3332 or contact your local police department.

    As always please leave me your comments. Remember family members could come across this post and we always want to be respectful to them. We just want to add a little light to theirs to help bring their loved ones home.

    Until next time, I wish you all love, light and peace.. Brandi - (Bree)

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