Sunday, May 6, 2018

Missing Mondays: Zac Barnes

Zac Barnes disappeared from Hunters Valley, New South Whales in Australia.

Zac Barnes

  • Year Of Birth-1998
  • Described as a Caucasian Male who is between 180cm to
  • 185cm tall-thin build
  • Hair-Brown
  • Eyes-Brown
  • Identifying Tattoos- 2 on his chest, 1 on his right calf muscle of a VB Logo

    Zac Barnes 18 years old, a Metford Teenager disappeared from Hunters Valley, New South Whales in Austrailia. Zac was last seen November 16, 2016 wearing a faded blue singlet, dark blue board shorts and work boots.

    Zac was last seen getting out of a car on the corner of Tripp Close and Haussman Drive. After telling his family he was going to spend the weekend with his friends, which was not unusual, they became worried when he didn't return that following Sunday. Reports were that Zac had been triggered to want to leave his friends house to get on a train at Thornton railway station. On the way to the railway station Zac in a distressed state asked to get out of the car. He ran off near the intersection of Haussmen Drive and Tripp Close. He has not been seen since this time. He has not used any social media sites nor has there been activity in his bank account. He ran off with no money and no phone.

    Zac Barnes was an apprentice brick-layer, who was well liked and had a lot of friends. He is described by his mother as having a big heart and really caring about people. He has 5 siblings he is very close to, and they worry constantly about his absence. His family keeps a picture of him by their door and his younger siblings kiss his picture before they leave for school every day.

    Zac had previously reached out to his family for help with a drinking and gambling problem. His family was there for him during that time, they loved and supported him through this. The family said they spoke to Zac about depression and suicide, he said he would never do that.

    Karen Gudelj, Zac's mom, who sounds like she is a strong courageous woman who loves her family very much, tries to stay strong and hold her family together. She intends to keep fighting to find her boy, while taking care of the rest of her family. She has realized how precious every moment is, she tries to enjoy her moments with the rest of her family while saving her tears for in the shower.

    Karen pleads for anyone with any information to come forward. If there was some kind of accident, that kids who are scared think they need to cover up, She wants them to know not to torture themselves with this information. Her family is a loving, forgiving family they just want their boy back. If Zac is out there somewhere they want him to know if he is scared or he is in trouble for something, they are there waiting to love and support him through anything. Nothing he could ever do would stop their never ending love for him. They just want to know that Zac is safe and okay.

    If you have any information you are urged to contact Maitland Police at 493-40200, or contact CrimeStoppers at 1-800-333-000 or contact Karen Gudelj at 0423-616-747

    There is also an Official Family Page on Facebook for finding Zac, it has over 18,000 followers and grows daily.

    There is also a GoFundMe for raising money to get Zac's story out there. National Awareness is so important, the money raised her will be used to create media and marketing exposure, T.V. commercials, posters and banners. Someone out there knows what happened to Zac Barnes and they need the public's help to find these people.

    Our love and payers go out to this family. We only want to help spread awareness and add a little light to help this young man find his way home.

    We will be posting on a new missing persons case each Monday. What are your thoughts?

    1. I sure hope they can find this man. I can only imagine the pain that the family is experiencimg.

    2. This is heart breaking. I wish I had some information to share regarding him. I truly hope that he and his family are able to reunite at some point in the near future.

    3. This is so heart wrenching. I can only imagine the pain that the family is experiencimg

    4. This is so sad I do hope Zac finds his way home and that he gets help. Cannot imagine the suffering his mother is going through by not having him home.

    5. Oh this is so sad. Prayers for his family and a safe return.

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    7. Very difficult situation that family going through now. Hope they will find that young man soon.

    8. That's very kind of you to be spreading the word about his disappearance. Hopefully this will be solved.

    9. Sending prayers to the family and hoping they find him soon - so glad you're spreading the word!

    10. I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope they find him!

    11. So sorry to hear about this. I hope he will be reunited with his family soon.

    12. Oh gosh, hoping for good news on finding Zac soon. Such a unimaginable thing to go through.

    13. This is heart breaking. I hope that they find him. I am praying for him and his family.

    14. Hope they could find him. You have a generous heart for helping them spread the word.

    15. Aw, this is saddening! I hope they find him. Thanks for spreading the word about this, how kind! Thanks for sharing. :)