Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kwirky; Our New Family Night Game

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I'm excited summer has finally began. We put so many things on our summer bucket list. We love new adventures, but we still love our family nights in. Recently, we have reviewed Kwirky from Goliath Games .

Kwirky is a quiz-based party game for 3 or more players. This game is recommended for ages 10 years old and above. Many of the questions in the game are simple, while other questions seem impossible to answer. It's all about confidence. There will be answers you will know and for the ones your not sure of just bluff your way through them.

Roll the Kwirky die, turn the timer over and start asking questions. Every time someone answers a question they should keep that card. Since there are no actual answers on the cards other players should immediately challenge the player if it seems they are wrong or just bluffing. When the timer is up talk about those challenges, all players can weigh in as the jury. The cards will count as your points, incorrect guesses and challenges lose cards. Choose a set time for the game at the end of that time the player with the most cards wins. The game includes a timer, die, and 288 cards with a total of 1152 questions.

The kids love this game. The fun in it comes from the players trying to bluff each other. There is over 1000 questions and you can be a brainy adult and still get beat by a sharp minded kids after all you don't have to be right you just have to convince everyone else you are. I love that this is a twist on quiz game fun.

You can connect with Goliath via Facebook , @GoliathGamesUS , You Tube and Goliath Games Website .

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun for the whole family. It's got a great age range!