Tuesday, September 11, 2018

GrandBox; A Great Gift for the older ones in Your Life

I received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I was thrilled when my daughter, also a part of Mom To Grandma, had a GrandBox Subscription Box sent to me. I loved that she personalized the box with a personal note and a few pictures of my grandchildren. These made it priceless!

I found I have a new love of things that are vintage from the 1800's early 1900's, so I really liked that everything is wrapped in sheets of paper that looks like the old time news paper print. Everything was so lovely and it was such a great surprise. I love surprises, and getting a gift box was just wonderful. I want to thank my daughter for this beautiful box filled with all these lovely items.

GrandBox is a subscription box created as a great way to brighten up someone's day. Show a loved one who is near or far that you are thinking of them.

GrandBox is the original subscription gift box for grandparents. Each and every box is filled with unique gifts to show them how much they are loved. GrandBox is curated for seniors 65 and older, although, I'm not that age yet and thoroughly enjoyed mine. The gift box will include 5 items reflecting a monthly theme such as A Mothers Day Spa or A Farmers Market. In addition you can personalize each box with 4×6" family photos and a personalized note. The shipping is free in the US. What a plus.

My GrandBox was filled with a few of their favorite items. I was pleasantly surprised by the great items I found in the box. I enjoy getting items that either bring back memories of the older days, taste good or keep me entertained. Either way I'm a pleased grandma.

Inside my Grandbox

  • A bar of Pre de Provence Soap. It was their Lemongrass. Each bar is carefully made by dedicated soap makers in Provence. Each bar quid milled for a smoother and richer lather for a luxurious feel.

    Each bar is all pure and natural ingrediants enriched with Shea Butter you can feel the difference with their unique quid milling process. The fragrances are aromatic transporting you into moments of calmness and vitality.

  • Wet It absorbant cloth
  • This cloth is super absorbant and economic friendly. You can wash and reuse it over and over again. It will absorbe 16x's it's own wieght.

  • Lemon Buds These are a delicious hard candy with a juicy lemon tang manufactured at Butterfields-since 1924.

  • A Happily Grateful Book filled with many beau titular and inspirational quotes.

  • A Nail File that was designed with the quote "SMILE, SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU"

    Grandbox would be such an awesome gesture for grandparents, or even older aunts and uncles. It is filled with exceptionally well thought out and useful items for an affordable monthly price. I also love when shipping is free! It is such a great way to say " hey, someone is thinking about you". The extra touch of personalizing the box with pictures is extra special. It personalizes the box in a charming way. Any grandparent on the receiving end of this box is going to smile and feel loved.

  • You can connect with GrandBox via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and GrandBox Website


    1. I love this gift idea and it would be perfect for my Grandma. She is in a memory care facility and I always looking for gift ideas to brighten her day and this would be perfect!

    2. Fun idea. I might consider this for a relative of mine.

    3. That's a great gift idea for grandparents. You got lots of fun stuff.

    4. Well I think I just found a Christmas gift for all the grandparents in the family! Thanks so much for posting. This is a wonderful and meaningful gift idea!

    5. This is a great gift idea! Thanks for holiday gifts for a few folks :)

    6. What a sweet idea.. definitely heart warming and reminds them of you when they use it