Sunday, September 9, 2018

Missing Monday; Jeremy Doland Bright

This Missing Monday's case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries. Jeremy Doland Bright was just 14 years old when he disappeared from Myrtle Point, Oregon on August 14, 1986.

Jeremy was a resident of Grants Pass, Oregon and at the time of his disappearance he was staying with his stepfather and 10 year old sister in Myrtle Point.

Jeremy had attended the Coos County Fair with his friend Johnny Fish on Wednesday, August 13th. He had also called his mother that day making plans for her to pick up Jeremy and his little sister on August 15th. That same night he met up with his stepfather at a tavern owned by his grandmother and was given money to attend the fair again the next day. This was the last time either his father or grandmother seen Jeremy.

On August 14th Jeremy attended the Coos County Fair for the second time with his sister. At 2 pm the pair got their fair bracelets and went their separate ways agreeing to meet back up by the Ferris wheel at 5pm. Jeremy never met back up with his sister and has not been seen since.

Jeremy was last seen wearing a black windbreaker jacket and black size 13 Nike shoes with red laces.

The day after Jeremy's disappearance his mother, Diane, arrived to pick him and his sister up. She found his wallet, watch and keys to their Grants Pass apartment in the home of Jeremy's stepfather. After Jeremy failed to surface Diane contacted the local authorities to report her son missing. Police initially believed Jeremy had ran off with the traveling carnival.

Since the disappearance of Jeremy Bright there have been several theories. An anonymous tipster claimed that Jeremy was accidently shot by some local trouble makers while at a swimming hole with friends. The tipster claimed Jeremy was taken to a near by cabin and they attempted to nurse him back to health but he had eventually died of his injuries and they buried him in a shallow grave in near by woods. Police however searched the cabin and surrounding areas and never found anything. Another tip claimed that Jeremy had been at a party. He had ingested a beer laced with an illegal drug and fatally overdosed.

According to some reports Jeremy was last seen riding in the passengers seat of a truck belonging to his former babysitter Terry Lee Steinhoff. One week after Jeremy's disappearance was featured on Unsolved Mysteries Terry Steinhoff was charged with the stabbing death of 32 year old Patricia Morris. Police have considered Terry a suspect in Jeremy's disappearance. In 2007 Terry Steinhoff passed away from a heroine overdose. He had been questioned several times about Jeremy but never confessed to knowing anything about his disappearance.

Jeremy remains to be a missing person. His family presumes that he is deceased held a Memorial service in his memory in August 2011. His sister S'te remains hopeful that one day real answers will be discovered and they can finally lay her brother to rest. She believes there are people in her area afraid to come forward, although, have knowledge of what happened to her brother.

Anyone with any information concerning the disappearance of Jeremy Doland Bright is urged to call the Coos County Sheriff's Office at 541-396-7800.

As always leaving each and every one of you with love and light. My sincerest prayers go out to the family of Jeremy Bright, may they get the answers they so rightly deserve.