Sunday, September 30, 2018

Missing Monday: Susan Powell

This case has always been so heart wrenching to me. I feel like the answers are so close yet so far.

Its very sad because not only do we have a beautiful mother who is missing but we have two precious little boys who have passed on way to soon.

Susan Cox Powell was born on October 16, 1981 in Oregon. I have not found a written description of her looks and what she was wearing but I have inserted a couple of pictures. There is a lot of twists to this case. Sadly one person's decisions impact so many.

Susan Powell, 28 years old disappeared on December 6th 2009 from West Valley City, Utah. Sadly Susan's disappearance has led investigators to think she was murdered. Susan's body has never been recovered. Even though there are those that would understandably want to declare her dead, I still feel like awareness is still so important. Just one person could have a tiny bit of information that could eventually lead to Susan's body. After researching this case for Missing Monday I wish I could say I believe there is a possibility she is out there somewhere, that somehow a situation in her life convinced her running away was her safest option. Unfortunately, I think Susan has passed away, but her body is still out there somewhere. My prayers are that one day its found and laid to rest next to her little boys.

Susan married Joshua Powell April 2001 at the Portland Oregon Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The couple relocated to West Valley City, Utah in 2004. Joshua had his bachelor's degree in business and worked for a number of different companies over the years while Susan trained as a cosmetologist. She took a job with Wells Fargo Financial after their relocation.

Susan was seen attending church services at the Salt Lake Hunter Central stake with her two boys Charlie and Braden who were 4 and 2 years old at the time. The following day Susan failed to show up for work and her two sons had not been taken to their daycare center. Investigators had noted that Susan left behind her keys, cell phone and wallet. Within hours investigators had honed in on Susan's husband. On December 14th, 2009 Josh Powell was named a person of interest in the investigation of Susan's disappearance.

At first relatives believed the whole family was missing. Joshua's mother Terrica and his sister Jennifer Graves went looking for the family at their home shortly after being informed that the children had not been dropped off at daycare. They called authorities and made a police report December 7, when they failed to make contact with Josh and Susan. Police broke into the home fearing that Josh and Susan along with their sons might be victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. No one was found inside. Oddly enough what was noticed is someone had left two fans blowing directly at a wet spot on a carpet in the house.

Later the same day around 5 p.m. Joshua returned to the house with the two boys. He was immediately taken to the police station for questioning. Josh claimed he had left Susan sleeping at home shortly after midnight on December 7th and taken his boys on a camping trip to Simpson Springs in West Utah. Police had visited Simpson Springs on December 10th they found no evidence of the campsite that Joshua had described to them.

After searching the Powell residence on the 9th of December authorities found traces of Susan's Blood on the floor, life insurance policies on Susan for 1.5 million dollars and a handwritten letter from Susan herself expressing fear for her life.

West Bailey City police released documents in August of 2012 showing that Joshua took actions they regarded as highly suspicious following Susan's disappearance. He did not appear to be concerned about his wife's welfare when first questioned by police. He liquidated her retirement account, canceled her regularly scheduled chiropractor sessions, withdrew his children from their daycare and spoke to co-workers about how to hide a body in an abandoned mine shaft in the western Utah desert. Authorities had interviewed Charlie the Powell's oldest son who confirmed the camping trip however, unlike his father he stated that Susan had gone with them and that she did not return. Weeks after the disappearance one of Charlie's teachers reported that Charlie said his mother was dead. It was also claimed that while at daycare several months after the disappearance Braden drew a picture of a van with three people in it and told daycare workers that "Mommy was in the trunk".

Authorities stated that Joshua retained an attorney in connection with the investigation. They said that he grew increasingly un cooperative he moved his two sons to his hometown of Puyallup, Washington to live with his father Stephen Powell. Scrutiny was extended to Joshua's father Stephen Powell after learning he had been obsessively infatuated with his son's wife. Computer images were seized from Stevens home in 2010 and it turned up to have 4500 images of Susan Powell taken without her knowledge. A friend had reported Stevens apparent obsession with Susan to the police after her disappearance.

Chuck and Susan Cox desperately tried to gain custody of their grandchildren Charlie and Braden. They were very upset that Josh had took the boys and moved in with his father Stephen Powell who was eventually arrested for voyeurism charges and child pornography. A Washington Court Judge finally granted them temporary custody with conditions that Josh would regain custody of the boys once he moved out of his father's house and into his own home. He was also required to undergo a mental evaluation in 2011 a psychiatrist had declared him capable of caring for his two sons however, at some point it was noticed that Josh was over abrasive and defensive with his children. Josh would be allowed to visit the boys 3 days a week supervised by a social worker.

On February 5th, 2012 a social worker had called nine-one-one after bringing Charlie and Braden to a supervised visit at Joshua's house in South Hill Washington. The social worker was supposed to monitor the visit between Joshua and his boys. She said he grabbed them and would not let her in the door. Soon after the house exploded killing Joshua and the two children. The local authorities treated this case as a double murder suicide saying that the act had appeared to have been deliberate.

There is so many more twists and turns to the sad story. It's impossible to put it all here in this blog post. Authorities believe that Joshua did something to his wife and that his brother Michael helped him later to cover it up. Joshua's brother Michael committed suicide one year after Joshuas death.

I pray one day Susan may be found and laid to rest next to her boys.


  1. So sad I hope she is found and laid to rest to bring some peace to her family and friends.

  2. This case makes me sick. I feel so bad for Susan's family. I hope they can someday find some sort of peace.

  3. This case has definitely stuck with me. It would be a good thing to find Susan and lay her to rest.