Sunday, September 2, 2018

Missing Mondays: Teresa Melissa Dean

In just days it will be 19 years since 11 year old Teresa Melissa Dean disappeared from Macon GA. I can't imagine the pain through all these years, not knowing if Teresa is still alive or dead. So many of these cases find their way into my heart.

Teresa Melissa Dean was

  • born September 20, 1987. She
  • went missing on August 15, 1999. She was an
  • 11 year old Caucasian girl with
  • brown hair and blue eyes.

    Teresa was 4'10"feet tall and 75 pounds at the time of her disappearance. According to reports Teresa was wearing a short sleeved, button down blue and white striped shirt, pink stretch pants and clear jelly sandals. Teresa also had her ears pierced and was wearing gold ball earrings.

    Classmates at Alexander IV Elementary School in Macon described Teresa as a quiet girl with a speech impediment. Teresa lived with her mother Dorothy, Dorothy's fiance Cody Landers, her older siblings and several pets.

    Twiggs County Sheriff, Darren Mitchum said this is one of the most puzzling cases he's worked on. To this day the case remains opened and on his mind. Witnesses have been interviewed two or three times sadly there are still no clear answers about what happened the day Teresa disappeared. Accounts of this day vary but it's mainly believed Teresa was last spotted on Lawrence Drive playing by a dense Ridge of of pine trees near the mobile home Park where she resided as late as 8 pm. Teresa was suppose to go to a neighbors home to see a new litter of puppies. The neighbor had told her if she could catch one of the pups she could have it. She never made it there and has not been seen since. A search conducted in the area turned up no clues as to what happened to this little girl.

    Sheriff Mitchum said this case lead to more questions than answers. One of the most telling occurrences in this case was when Teresa's mother's fiance Cody Landers had been subsequently indicted and ultimately incarcerated for 7 counts of child molestation charges concerning two children. Apparently Cody Landers told people in the community that he had failed a poly graph administered to him shortly after Teresa went missing, though he maintains that he is innocent. Cody Dwayne Landers went to prison in Georgia. He has since been released and now resides in South Carolina and is a registered sex offender. Just days after Teresa went missing local, state and federal lawmen who were working on this case acknowledged that the chances of finding Teresa alive were slim. The rescue efforts quickly became a recovery mission dedicated to finding her presumptive remains.

    According to the "Charlie Project" Web site a lot of people believe Teresa disappearance is connected to two other 11 year old girls who were murdered in Alabama. The two girls remains were found in Alabama while Teresa has never been located, dead or alive.

    19 years later Teresa's case remains unsolved. If you have any information that could lead investigators to her location, or information that might lead to her abductor or killer, please contact the FBI in Macon, GA at 478-745-1271 or the GBI in Macon at 478-987-4545 or you can always call your local law enforcement agency.

    Together we can shine more light to bring missing people like Teresa home. As always I leave my post here with the upmost respect for the missing people and their families.

    Peace, Love and Light to all, Bree

    1. It is a sad world we live in that children get abused and kidnapped. Tougher sentences would cure some of this in my opinion.

    2. This is so scary,I hope they find these girls.

    3. A pain and sadness when I see so many still missing