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Fall Toy Preview Giveaway

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I still can't believe it is fall. Today I'm taking a look at some great new toys that are hitting the stores this fall. I have put together a small roundup for you to check out what is hot this season. These are great gifts if you are starting your holiday shopping early this year or just fun to pick up for the kids to have some new fun toys to play with on these cooler fall days. Some of our sponsors have been kind enough to give us some extras to giveaway to our readers, so make sure to enter our giveaway to win a fun new toy! To review our guide you can either use the next & home navigation buttons at the bottom of the page or click on the name of a toy to jump to its page in our index below. Build-a-Bear Workshop from Just Play Mickey's 90th Anniversary Steamboat Willie Feature Plush from Just Play Mickey's 90th Anniversary Collectible Deluxe Figure Set from Just Play Selma's Dolls ReadySetz Pop-Oh-Ver Kitchen Sets Reindeer In Here The Baby Beluga Game The Magic School Bus Series Kits from The Young Scientist Club TownleyGirl Pen ZingSportz Air Storm ZTek Bow Giveaway
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Build-a-Bear Workshop from Just Play:

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="21762,21763"] My daughter is a huge fan of Build-a-Bear so when we found out that Just Play has created a series of Build-a-Bear toys that you can create in your own home we are super excited. Two new 10 inch plushes have hit the stores from this great series of toys just in time for fall. Now you can create a loveable stuffed animal just like you do at the stores without even leaving the house. Each one comes with clothing to dress up your new furry friend. Perfect to cuddle with on cold fall days. Now kids can bring the fun of Build-A-Bear Workshop right to their home! This adorable 10" furry friend comes with everything kids need to recreate the exciting experience of making their own furry friend! The set comes with plush stuffing, a heart locket, a birth certificate, a fashion outfit, and lots of accessories to customize with! Kids can really add stuffing to their furry friend and dress them up in a cute outfit. Don't forget to write your wish and close it in the special heart locket that fits inside your furry friend! When kids are done making and dressing this soft furry friend, they can fill out the birth certificate to make it official! Collect both Build-A-Bear Workshop 10" furry friends for double the fun! Assortment includes Rainbow Bear and Pink Kitty (each sold separately). Ages 3+
  • Kids can really make their own furry friend!
  • Use the stuffing to fill your furry friend and make it cuddly.
  • Heart locket can hold secret wishes.
  • Use the fashion accessories and outfit to customize your furry friend!
  • Ages 3+
What's Included
  • Set includes one 10” furry friend, one pack of stuffing, one heart locket, one birth certificate, one removable outfit, and various fashion accessories.
  • Assortment includes Rainbow Heart Bear and Pink Kitty. Each sold separately.
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Available at Walmart

Mickey's 90th Anniversary Steamboat Willie Feature Plush from Just Play:

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday this year? Wow, that's crazy to think he has been around for so long and brought so much joy to so many children. To celebrate Just Play has created some great toys that feature this iconic character.
Celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse with the Disney Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Steamboat Willie Plush! Steamboat Willie Mickey is a classic to treasure, featuring super soft fabrics and exceptional character detail. Just like in the iconic Steamboat Willie short dating back to 1928, Mickey appears in black & white and is dressed in the signature Steamboat Willie outfit with matching Captain’s hat. He even holds a felt ship wheel in his hands and sways along to the Steamboat Willie song with a press of his hand! Steamboat Willie Mickey is the perfect gift for kids as well as collectors, who will especially love the distinctive packaging, which showcases Mickey in the iconic Steamboat Willie art style. Requires 3 x AA batteries (Included). Ages 3+
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Available at Target

Mickey's 90th Anniversary Collectible Deluxe Figure Set from Just Play:

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday this year? Wow, that's crazy to think he has been around for so long and brought so much joy to so many children. To celebrate Just Play has created some great toys that feature this iconic character. Bring home the ultimate Mickey Mouse collection in celebration of Mickey’s 90th Anniversary! The Mickey’s 90th Deluxe Figure Set comes with 10 highly detailed Mickey Mouse figures and features special 90th Anniversary packaging. Mickey comes dressed in some of the most iconic styles he’s worn through the ages including Plane Crazy Mickey, Pie-Eye Mickey, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Steam Boat Willie Mickey, Mouseketeer Mickey, Comic Mickey, Clubhouse Mickey, New Shorts Mickey, and exclusive Golden Mickey. Each figure comes in a unique pose and stands 3” tall – the perfect size for both play and display! Ages 3+
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Available at Target

Selma's Dolls:

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
In a world where sometimes bullies are all around us, it is so important to teach our children about the beauty of differences in people. Selma's Dolls is a new doll series that features adorable rag dolls that celebrate the differences in others through their beautiful storytelling. The debut collection of Selma’s Dolls features ragdolls Annie, Lola, and Ameena. The dolls are made for children ages 2 and up as a way to introduce the beauty of differences through play. Via the storybook, parents can teach their children that differences are special and lead to friendship and understanding. And ultimately those differences lead to wonder and acceptance. Here’s a 1-minute video explaining their concept. The charming results are Annie who wears a blue and yellow butterfly dress pattern to represent awareness for people with Down syndrome. Lola wears a Mexican-inspired print that’s a nod to Alva-Ruiz’s heritage. And lovely Ameena wears the color green, as green has a number of traditional associations and meanings in Islam. Measuring 12.8 inches tall, the soft dolls are perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and hug yet sturdy enough to sit upright. Annie, Lola and Ameena’s clothing incorporates the olive branch that is a universal symbol of peace and part of the Selma’s Dolls logo. Selma’s Dolls are lightweight and made with a variety of soft and snuggly materials like Jersey Knit fabric. Best of all, each doll can be spot cleaned. Accompanying every doll is a sweetly illustrated storybook titled the First Day of School. The 18-page hardback book features a little girl named Selma – the inspiration behind Selma’s Dolls – who overcomes her first day of school jitters with the help of some new friends. Each friend is able to teach Selma something beautiful and help Selma see that we are all much more the same than we are different. The book includes conversation starters to help parents and caregivers talk with their child about how everyone’s differences are beautiful.
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Does your kiddo love imaginable play? There is a new brand out there on the market that takes using your imagination up a notch. ReadySetz is super cool and immersive cardboard playsets that will have your child feeling like they are on set while they play. These sets are large and super fun to play and get creative with. When the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the Cardboard Box, it was 2005 and the iPhone and iPad had yet to be invented! Delighted parents and kids already knew how a simple unstructured and unplugged box could transport a youngster to a world of his or her own, one where anything is possible. Fast-forward to 2018 and plugged-in families are discovering ReadySetz, the 3D foldout playset that encourages imaginative open-ended play. But this is not the cardboard from days of old—this material is durable, reinforced to be strong (so strong it can hold 100-pounds and it doesn’t collapse), water repellant, and vibrantly printed on both sides. More than a cardboard box, ReadySetz has everything a kid could dream of -- ramps, trap doors, tunnels, landing pads – surrounded by a large photorealistic backdrop of an Urban landscape or Space Base. Each playset comes in two sizes and boasts family-friendly features from 0% plastic, 100% recyclable to fold-flat-for-storage convenience. Best of all, unfolding to set uptakes mere seconds, since it arrives fully assembled! Kids can create an epic toy battle using action figures, building blocks and other multi-use pieces already in the toy box. With a ReadySetz, parents can power up imaginations instead of recharging a tablet or screen. Getting down on the floor to play with a ReadySetz playset is like entering a play world. Happily, ReadySetz eliminates the need for a bulky plastic or wooden playset that takes up lots of room and can’t be stowed away, and costs hundreds of dollars. When the ReadySetz playset is open, it spreads out to create a magical play scene. When done, it easily folds flat in mere seconds to tuck into a closet, under the couch or any storage spot.
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Pop-Oh-Ver Kitchen Sets:

[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="21767,21768"]

Do you have a budding chef in your family? My daughter loves to play in the kitchen and help me cook. So when I was researching new toys idea for cold or rainy fall days the new Pop-Oh-Ver kitchen sets really caught my eye. These are perfect for kids who love to play pretend and love to cook. They have an oven and a countertop set that you can use to set up a mock kitchen in seconds. Simply slip these covers over an ordinary chair for an instant playset. The best part is when you are down you can take them off the chair, fold them, and they take up no space at all. Pop-Oh-Ver even has some great accessory sets to help create more imaginative fun including utensils, foods, and cooking gear perfect for kiddos. “If you have little ones who love helping in the kitchen, the Pop-Oh-Ver Kitchen Deluxe Set ($29.95) is a must-get imagination playset,” begins one of two glowing reviews by The National Parenting Center for the cleverest line of indoor play this year. The National Parenting Center joins six other toy industry influencers who were overjoyed with Pop-Oh-Ver’s endless possibilities for imaginative play that’s put away… until next time. Rare is a review that instructs parents of a “must-get” toy!
The centerpieces of Pop-Oh-Ver’s appeal are the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t Stove and Kitchen Counter Sets ($39.95). The National Parenting Center called them ingenious! This is from a nationwide parent advocacy organization that has seen and tested every possible toy on the market, for decades! Pop-Oh-Ver has already won eight additional industry awards for its great design this year. This video shows how it works! Pop-Oh-Ver has also received these awards this year: Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Tillywig Best Creative Fun Toy Award, Mom's Choice Gold Award, Family Review Center Gold Award, PAL Award, Hot Diggity Award, Creative Child Product of the Year Award and Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award.
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Reindeer In Here:

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It might be fall now but the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye. So I have already started planning for the holidays. We love all of our traditions but there is always room for fun new ones too. This new hassle-free tradition is a lot of fun and teaches children it's ok to be different. They will receive their reindeer early in December as their first gift from Santa for the year. Each night they will have fun adventures with their reindeer pal as he learns more about your child's likes, dislikes, and wishes to report back to Santa. It's a fun new tradition that will make the holidays extra fun this year. Grownups start planning for the holiday season way before the leaves change and the Halloween candy has been distributed. The National Parenting Center just announced one more thing to consider for anyone with tots awaiting the arrival of Santa. Last year’s Black Friday bestseller, Reindeer In Here, has just won the 2018 Seal of Approval for a less stressful holiday experience! What parent couldn’t use that?
The coveted Seal of Approval program by The National Parenting Center focuses on helping parents tackle the challenges and enjoy the many rewards of parenting. No time is more overwhelming than Christmas planning, shopping, wrapping, and cooking, so who needs to move a mischievous elf around the house before the kiddies awake every single day? “For those ready to change things up,” begins the glowing review by The National Parenting Center, “Reindeer In Here offers a cute, loving and stress-free alternative to help you celebrate the magic of Christmas throughout the month of December.” Created by a Dad, the Reindeer In Here book and plush “magically” arrive in early December, setting the stage for a new yearly Christmas tradition. It’s the child's very first gift of the holiday season from Santa — and can return year after year. Read part of the delightful 2018 Seal of Approval review, below: "Parents couldn’t wait to embrace a new, positive and refreshing tradition. The reasonably priced kit comes in a beautiful box and includes a book introducing the Reindeer tradition to your children, as well as the cute Reindeer plush. The plush is a good size and struck parents as being of a great quality, which meant that it could last through several Christmases.”
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The Baby Beluga Game:

We love board games in our house so I am always on the lookout for fun new games to introduce to the kids. I recently found a great new cooperative game called The Baby Beluga Game featuring the great character from one of our favorite kid's songs. Work together as a team to help the beluga and her friends swim wild and free. I love cooperative games because it's a great way to teach my kiddos how to work together. Most children have lots of opportunities to play competitive games where someone wins and naturally, someone loses. Whether it’s a soccer match, video game or racing to be first, competitive games are quite the norm., a California-based company, offers another option—cooperative play. Kids get together for fun collaboration, sharing, and kindness to win as a group while playing these games. Their newest offering is The Baby Beluga Game ($34.95). If it sounds familiar, then you must be a fan of Raffi’s signature song of the same name.
The catchy sing-along tune was introduced in 1980. Now four decades later, the lovable whale is back, but in a board game. The Baby Beluga Game was created, cooperatively, by Raffi and fair-trade, indie game developer Suzanne Lyons of It features paintings by Ashley Wolff, who illustrated Raffi's Baby Beluga book, and comes with a free download of the Baby Beluga song and a 32-page illustrated booklet. Why a whale and why now? “I designed The Baby Beluga Game,” explains Lyons, “to support the loving, pro-social nature of children. I’m concerned that competitive games send the message that winning only happens when we out-do others. Cooperative games show we can play together so we all win at the same time. Whales, like Baby Beluga, are intelligent animals that have happy social lives based on cooperation. There’s no better role model for cooperative play than Baby Beluga in my opinion.” The board game’s goal is simple -- players win by helping Baby Beluga and Friends swim wild and free. As they ponder the next move, children from ages 3 to 10 do a little STEM learning, finding out about whales and ocean science in a fun way. Plenty of thought went into every aspect of the game and its contents. There’s even a little canoe to hold game pieces and keep them organized between play times! Can players help Baby Beluga and his Friends complete the journey to swim wild and free? There could be trouble along the way. But players can win if they work together. This fun cooperative board game teaches children all about Baby Beluga and his Arctic friends as well as the ocean environment and the joys of playing together. The game is lovingly made with fair-trade practices and Earth-friendly materials in California. Just in time for back-to-school and holiday gift giving or for Family Game Night, the game is available in the United States and in Canada. U.S. shoppers can purchase the game at Canadian parents can buy it on What does Raffi think, 38 years after he first introduced the now-famous little whale? “I feel like a proud papa,” he admitted. “A lot of care went into developing this game.”
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The Magic School Bus Series Kits from The Young Scientist Club:

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It's fall so the kids are back to school and educational toys are high on my radar this time of year. We are working on science fair projects already and my kiddo loves anything math or science. I recently found The Young Scientist Club and they have a series that features The Magic School Bus from the old and recently renewed series on Netflix. They have a variety of kits that include everything you need to complete fun science experiments with your kiddos. I grabbed my daughter the slime kit and she loved it. To celebrate The Magic School Bus: Rides Again, a Netflix original series, The Young Scientists Club has updated its award-winning science kits to reflect Ms. Frizzle’s sister, Fiona Felicity Frizzle, taking over the wheel for wild field trips and fascinating facts.
For more than 10 years, The Young Scientists Club has been developing science kits and games featuring The Magic School Bus, based on the bestselling book series written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen. The updated science kits feature Arnold, Ralphie and the 5th-grade class who “take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" Appealing kit titles like, Jumping Into Electricity and Back in Time with the Dinosaurs will introduce pint-size scientists as young as 5 years old to everyday STEM concepts. Kits Include:
Slime, Gel & Goop Blasting Off with Volcanoes Jumping Into Electricity Attracted to Magnets The Secrets of Space Solar Energy to the Rescue Going Green Human Body Soaring into Flight Back in Time with the Dinosaurs The Mysteries of Rainbows Microscope Lab
              The new kits are all gender-neutral and packed with numerous experiments in each box. For example, with Attracted to Magnificent Magnets, Young Scientists go on a magnetic scavenger hunt, build a compass, make magnetic slime, design magnetic faces, experiment with lodestone, play magnetic games, hold magnetic car races, and much, much more! This magnified kit includes a colorful poster with a racing track, a game board, and experiment diagrams.
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TownleyGirl Pen:

This one really isn't a toy but it comes from one of my favorite toy companies and maybe because I have a little writer/artists at heart I am always on the lookout for stationary items I think she will fall in love with. TownleyGirl has a huge variety of great items for girls but one of my new favorites is this adorable TownleyGirl pen. Super pink and adorned with a big diamond it's perfect for writing in journals, doing homework, or drawing.
Become part of the TownleyGirl nation! Get our exclusive TownleyGirl pen, only sold here. For a limited time only!
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Enter TownleyGirls Biggest Giveaway Ever to win $500 HERE!

ZingSportz Air Storm ZTek Bow:

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The best part about fall is that the weather does get cooler but it's still nice enough to get outdoors and play. In fact, it's my favorite time of year to be outdoors and active. The new ZingSportz Air Storm ZTek Bow set will have you running around outdoors launching attacks on the other team. I picked up two of these for my kiddos and we spent all weekend chasing each other around the park and yard with our fun new bow sets. The Airstorm Z-Tek Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow. Load up the Zonic soft foam whistle arrow, pull back, then ready, aim, fire! Watch and listen as the arrow screams over 100 feet. Set up some cans for target practice, or shoot against a wall for whistling bounce-back action. Next, load up with the Zartz suction-cup arrows. Pick your target and fire away! Suction-cup Zartz stick to almost anything. Each arrow is made with ultra-light foam and flies over incredible distances. Get the next big thing in bow technology with the Z-Tek Bow. Check out the sleek new design and shape. Shorter bungees for faster firing. Arrow clips right on the bow for quick reloads and a powerful presence. It’s an all-new archery experience with the Z-Tek Bow! Hook in the Zartz Arrow or Zonic Whistling Arrow, position the shot, and watch it fly through the air for an incredible 100 feet!
Comes with:
  • 1 Z-Tek Bow
  • 1 Zartz suction-cup arrow
  • 2 Zonic Whistle-Screaming Arrows
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The Giveaway:

We have some great sponsors for this post and they have provided some great prizes for our readers. We will have several winners so make sure to enter for you chance at these great prizes: Prize 1: Winner's choice of one Selma's Doll (ARV: $39.99) Prize 2: Winner's Choice of a Pop-Oh-Ver kitchen set choice between Stove or Countertop (ARV: $29.95) Prize 3: ZingSportz Air Storm ZTek Bow (ARV: $29.99) Prize 4: The Baby Baluga Game (ARV: $34.95)
*Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by our sponsors. If for some reason the sponsor fails to send the prize or is unable to Parenting In Progress is not responsible for supplying the prize or the value of the prize to the winner.
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