Monday, October 15, 2018

Missing Monday: Brookelynn Farthing

Brookelynn Farthing was 18 years old when she was last seen on June 22, 2013 in Berea Kentucky. Brookelynn is 5'1" and 110 lbs.

Brookelynn lived at home with her mother, step father, an older sister Tasha and a younger sister Paige.

Brookelynn is described to be a sweet outgoing and independent young woman. She was affectionately described as always having been a girlie girl who also loved the outdoors.

The day before Brookelynn went missing she had past the driving exam to get her drivers licence. Not only was she excited about this but it had also been her Papa's 70th birthday. Brookelynn and her sister Paige were also planning on attending a friend's birthday party with a cousin.

That evening at the friends 18th Birthday get together, for unknown reasons, Paige and their cousin left early together. It might have been because it had been Brookelynn's friend'party. Brookelynn hadn't minded as she had planned to spend the night with a friend. It is stated that Brookelynn and the girl she was to spend the night with got into a small argument. Brookelynn's mom said later it was probably over a boy. Brookelynn decided she didn't want to spend the night with this friend, she decided to go home. The only problem was she could not find a ride.

Josh, a friend of Brookelynn's ex boyfriend Jarrod, offered to let her borrow his car. Brooklynn was suppose to drop off a young man, a friend of hers who had too much to drink, after, Josh would drop her off at home. Brooklyn and Josh didn't know one another well. For that matter no one involved really knew Josh all that well.

Josh stated that after working out how they would get home, they left the party at 2am and didn't go directly home instead they went horse back riding. Afterward they dropped off the young man and instead of going home Brookelynn went to Josh's house.

Not long after they arrived at Josh's house Brooklynn became incredibly uncomfortable. There was no electricity or running water. It was 4 in the morning by this time and Brookelynn was sitting in the dark with a boy she didn't know well at all. Brookelynn decided to call her sister Paige and see if her cousin would come and get her. Paige told Brookelynn that unfortunately her cousin had been drinking and could not drive. Paige said Brookelynn wasn't overly worried as Jarrod would likely come by after getting out of work at 630 in the morning and pick her up. Paige also said that Brookelynn didn't seem scared or upset or even too intoxicated while they were on the phone together. After the call with her sister though Brookelynn started to send out a series of text messages. These messages to her friends and ex boyfriend seemed frantic. Jarrod agreed to come and get her when he got out of work. The last text that can be almost 100% confirmed it was sent from Brookelynn was sent out at 4:26 in the morning to Jarrod. The text read "Please I'm begging you get off work come and get me I am so scared" This was only 30 minutes after they arrived at Josh's house. At 5:45 just before Jarrod was going to get off work and come to get Brookelynn he received a strange text message from her that said "I don't need a ride anymore I'm going to a party over in Rock Castle County" Jarrod asked her who she was going with and where exactly the party was. He never received a text back. This was the last time anyone heard from Brookelynn.

Brookelynn was actually suppose to go with friends the following morning to a car show. It made no sense why she would be traveling 30 minutes to another county. Friends were calling and texting the following morning wondering where she was since she was suppose to be going to this car show. Nobody was able to reach her so they decided to call Brookelynn's sister Paige. Paige realized at this time Brookelynn never arrived home early that morning.

By that afternoon friends decided it was time to call the rest of Brooklynn's family to let them know they couldn't find her anywhere. They had checked with multiple people, went to multiple houses trying to locate her. Nobody had seen her since she had left the party with Josh and her other male friend the night before. The family also began to call everyone they knew but just like everyone else no one had seen or heard from Brookelynn. The only thing they knew for certain is that when Paige had talked to Brookelynn she had been at Josh's house. Unfortunately, no one knew who Josh was.

They were finally able to contact a few people and get Josh's number. Brooklynn's older sister Tasha decided to be the one to call Josh to see if Brookelynn was still at his house, was she ever really there and how exactly did he know her. Josh tells Tasha, Brookelynn had mentioned going to a party in Rock Castle County but he did not know details such as location or who would be at this party or even how she got there. He said that around 6am he had left Brookelynn at his house because he felt uncomfortable because Jarrod was suppose to be coming to pick her up. That he and Jarrod were friends and he had Jarrod's ex girlfriend at his house. He went back to where they had been horse back riding to attend to some horses. Tasha asked Josh to check around and make some calls to see if he could locate Brookelynn. She informed Josh that her husband was a detective and if they could not locate Brookelynn soon she would be reported as missing.

At this point no one was fearing the worse. They thought maybe she had really gone into Rock Castle to the party. They considered maybe she was asleep because she had been up all night and her phone had probably died. Brookelynn was 18 years old, we have all been there and careless. Everyone kind of went on with their day thinking Brookelynn would soon be home or they would hear from her. Everyone kept in touch though, waiting to hear something from Brookelynn.

Later that day Tasha received a call from Josh who is panicking telling Tasha he was scared, he thought something bad might have happened to Brookelynn. When Tasha asked Josh what he meant he said that he had found some of Brooklyn's belongings still in his house that she hadn't taken them when she left. Tasha realized something was very wrong. Brookelynn always had her stuff with her. She was very protective of her belongings. Even at her sisters house Brookelynn would carry her purse from room to room with her. Tasha asked Josh to go through her stuff to see what exactly she left behind. She wondered could she have left her phone behind and maybe that was why there had been no contact from her. Josh proceeds to tell Tasha he can't get to the items because earlier in the day his house had caught on fire. Tasha wondered why this wasn't something he told her earlier in their first phone call.

Josh said he left at 6am to tend to the horses, when he returned at 7 he found his home on fire and Brookelynn was no where to be found. He also said when he left Brookelynn was sitting on his couch with a cigarette, he was blaming her for the fire. Brookelynn's family immediately called 911 to report her as a missing person.

From that day until today Josh's story has been questioned. Did he get nervous after Tasha told him her husband was a detective?

They did find out that Brookelynn did not leave everything behind. What was there however, were things that she would need. Her purse, wallet, I.D. and money was still there. She had changes of clothes there and her only pair of shoes were still on the front porch. What was gone was Brookelynn and her cell phone. They tried to track her cell phone to locate her. It pinged off a tower very near Josh's house.

It was also found that the fire Josh had that day was only confined to a couch and the floor beneath the couch. Is that burnt couch the key to learning the fate of Brookelynn? It is hard not to wonder.

An extensive search was done. The search area is rough heavily wood area with sink holes, cliffs all types of poisonous snakes. It is a horrific area to go missing and even to this day they haven't covered nearly enough because of the harsh land and wild life. Every place they have searched they have had to go back just to make sure nothing was missed.

Investigators really dug into the information Josh gave about the party in Rock Castle County. After talking with several people and looking into Brookelynn's texts they found there never was a party in Rock Castle County that morning.

Brookelynn's family has a web site and has offered a 14,000 reward for information leading to the return of Brookelynn Farthing or the conviction or capture of those responsible for her disappearance. If you have any information regarding Brookelynn's case please call the Kentucky State Police at 859-623-2404.

As always prayers that this family receives the answers they so rightfully deserve.

Until next time-Bree


  1. How sad to see this. I hope they find her. Thanks for posting!

  2. It sounds to me that this Josh character needs to be investigated more. Sad for the family.