Monday, October 29, 2018

Missing Monday: Update Jayme Closs

She was FOUND Alive You can read the First Post HERE and our post HERE.

I was hoping to update this case this week with something positive, such as Jayme Closs had been located. Sadly, that is not the update I'm bringing to you this week.

Jayme Closs disappeared October 15, 2018 from Barron County, Wisconsin. The police department received a 911 call from the Jayme's mother's cell phone. No one from the home actually spoke to the operator on this 911 call. After hearing some commotion and cries for help the police made it to the Closs's home in four minutes. They found Jayme's parents both fatally shot but Jayme was no where to be found. Immediately an Amber Alert was put forth.

Just a few days ago around 2000 people got together to search for evidence. Some people drove for hours to be a part of this search. They focused on a 2 to 3 mile radius around the Closs home looking for anything that looked out of place, brand new or suspicious in any way. Authorities have received more than 1400 tips about this case and 1100 of those have already been closed. Some of the tips led to the investigators resuming the ground search.

The Sheriff, Chris Fitzgerald of Barron County believes Jayme is still alive. Their keeping the hope that they can bring Jayme safely home.

Investigators are looking for anyone who has any information about two cars that were seen on surveillance near the Closs home at the time of Jayme's disappearance. A 2008-2014 Red/Orange Dodge Challenge and the other is either a 2006-2010 Black Ford Edge or a 2004-2010 Black Acura MDX.

Jamie Closs is 13 years old. She stands at 5'0 and is 100 lbs. She has blonde hair and green eyes. The F.B.I has issued a $25,000 reward for anyone with information about Jayme's disappearance. There is a 24 hour tip line for anyone that has any information about this case + 1-855-744-3879.

Im going to update this case again at some point. My heart, prayers and love go out to Jayme and her family, may she be found and brought home safely. here. here.

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