Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ready for Yoga with My Soul Mat

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

If your thinking 2018 is your year to begin being more healthy, you may want to consider doing Yoga. I believe if your thinking about your health it's time to be mindful of what your body is telling you. Yoga can help you focus on what your body may be trying to tell you it needs. Yoga can help enhance and improve your health. I have always had problems with severe stress and anxiety, Yoga is a great way to release stress and relax. These are just a few reasons how Yoga can really help change your lifestyle in a healthy way. If you are thinking about making Yoga as a part of your lifestyle. You want to find a good quality mat.

I am in love with the Yoga mat from My Soul Mat. When I first started Yoga, and I only do it in my home at this time due to anxiety and panic attacks, I had gotten the first mat I came across. I thought a mat is a mat right. Wrong. That awful first mat smelled horrible. It would get so slippery and if your going to practice Yoga you do not want a slippery Yoga mat. The My Soul Mat is a high quality beautiful Yoga mat.

This Yoga mat is called the "Sweet" yoga mat. It is designed with an image of a beautiful pineapple. The colors are vibrant and just gorgeous. I love that this mat is soft, lightweight and durable. These Yoga mats are designed for an intense workout, meaning you can sweat and sweat and this Yoga mat is not going to get hot and slippery. These mats do not produce any nasty odors. I put it to the test a few times and it's amazing.

The My Soul Mat is crafted with a natural tree rubber bottom and the top layer is a Vegan micro-suede. The mat measures 72x24" and has a 3.5 thickness. It biodegradable and eco-friendly friendly. It is also chemical free and water based inks are used to design them. I also like that these are easily washable. You can put them on a gentle cycle in the washer machine or combine water and 2-4 drops of tea tree oil and spray. Then simply hang it up to dry.

These are beautiful Yoga mats that are designed to inspire and uplift you. You get a great mat with the best features for an affordable price. There are many beautiful vivid designs to choose from.

The goal of the two sisters that created My Soul Mat is to lift up your vibration:
These two yogis meet their mats daily. They always felt they could add more to their practice with beautiful art and affirmations. How wonderful would it be to focus on a positive statement throughout your flow, while gazing at a rainbow of colors and inspiring images? They could not think of anything more wonderful and that is what brought them to the birth of My Soul Mat.

With these mats, they want you to leave class feeling good about yourself, about the day ahead of you, about LIFE!

The sisters are proud to say that their mats are eco-friendly, VEGAN, and bio-degradable, made without any harsh chemicals or dyes. Their images are printed with water-based colors so there is no strong odor.

The printing process is completed by heat transfer sublimation, free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, phthalates. There is also no PVC or chlorine used. The fabrics are UV resistant which makes them perfect for outdoor use!

My Soul Mat was designed with a sweaty practice in mind. As avid yogis, they have used yoga mats that were only made of rubber or vinyl for years! The sisters used yoga towels for sweat, and their mats were even MORE slippery as the towel was a separate moving piece from the actual mat. ICK! Their solution was creating a yoga mat with a super absorbent top layer made with micro-suede and a bottom layer from natural tree rubber. The more you sweat with My Soul Mat, the better your grip! No extra towel needed here!

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