Saturday, October 20, 2018

STASH Folding Kids Chair from Uncaged Furniture Perfect for the Little Ones

I've noticed in the past year our toddler sits down in front of the television and actually watches a whole episode of Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He sits and pretends he is watching TV with the family. He will sit down at his little table and play with his play doh or color for periods longer than ten minutes. The STASH folding chair from Uncaged Furniture is perfect for times such as these. He loves getting a bunch of odds and ends together in a little lunch box he has and sitting himself at the coffee table and playing.

What is nice about the STASH children's armchair is they are also a storage ottoman cube. These are a brand new modular children's chair that is unique, lightweight, portable and multifunctional.

The chair is an upholstered comfortable chair beautifully designed to fit right in with our other furniture. The kids can lounge around in the chair or the chair can collapse into an ottoman cube. The seat lifts for easy storage. Mason puts his cars in there and tells me "they are all gone." He also puts his buddies in there to sleep, hide and for time out.

The folding arm chairs measure approximately 20x16x25". Its small and compact, the perfect size for small rooms and tiny homes. The chair folds down into a perfectly sized upholstered ottoman. Its a great fit for a living room, play room or even a bedroom.

We love that the chair is kid friendly and it has its own little personal storage chest for their favorite toys or books. It is the perfect little comfortable spot for an episode of Peppa Pig or Mickey's Clubhouse. The back easily collapses for a fun place to sit or take a rest. A great addition to our living room and takes up minimal space.

Building on years of product design experience they have tossed out the outdated, old fashioned, methodologies and are tackling Furniture Design with a fresh modern approach. Their philosophy is to love the furniture you buy, use it daily, and don't take out a second mortgage to furniture your home.

You can purchase the STASH Folding Kids Chair on Amazon HERE


  1. That is brilliant. Would love one for my son's game room

  2. Now that is a sweet chair! I bet he has all kinds of stuff in it!

  3. This chair is so adorable. I like that it offers a storage space to allow your kids to keep their favorite tv watching items in.

  4. I absolutely love how versatile that piece of furniture is. Usually a child's piece of furniture sort of gets in the way when a child is not using it. Not this one!

  5. That is such a cool chair for young children! I love the fact that it folds so easily and is so versatile.