Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Stink Bomz from Tomy Toys Makes a Hilarious Gift

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

When your 6 and 7 year old fart, a whoopee cushion get squeezed or any other toilet humor happens they all come with gut busting giggles. I knew when my grandchildren would be excited to be introduced to TOMY's Stink Bomz. This kind of action is right up their alley.

The Stink Bomz arrived in a yellow and black box with the words "Warning Toxic". My grandson along with his two sisters were practically rubbing their hands together and jumping with excitement. My grandson immediately asked if he could keep the cool looking box.

Stink Bomz are toys that make unique fart noises. Each of the toys have their own name because they are colored and styled differently, related to the sound they make.

The Stink Bomz come in green packaging that is in the shape of a bomb. Each toy not only has it's own sound it has it's own smell. The smells are described as silly smells. Don't worry it's not a gross smell it's like a sweet smell.

The kids are getting a kick out of the Stink BomzStink. They think they are just hilarious. Even my youngest grandson who is a toddler has a fit of giggles over the noises these toys make. We tried Sweaty, Ripper and Mr. Stinker.

Mr. Stinker despite being cute has a bit of a mean streak. He tries to fool people with his baby face but if he isn't careful that deep voice will give him away. If your tempted to give Mr. Stinker a hug be warned his biting odor is worse than his bark.

Ripper is the serious one. He focuses on the dark side of things. He talks in a low growl, people tend to get quiet and listen up when he speaks. If people are smart they say goodbye when Rippers done talking and get out.

Sweaty is way out of shape and he knows it. He tries to be better but hes his own worst enemy. He thinks a sausage pizza with broccoli is a healthy choice. He tends to lag behind and be out of breath but he always manages to catch up. There is no escaping Sweaty.

Also available Squirmy, Smoggly, Spicy, Groaner and Boom-Boom.

These are all really cute in their own way. We all just get a kick out of these toys. They would make great holiday gifts. I cant imagine a little one out there who would not get hysterical over these toys.

The mission at TOMY: They offer a wide range of high-quality Innovative toys and Nursery products that kids love and parents ask for by name. They never take for granted the role these products play in the lives of Children and Families. They want to earn your trust and loyalty by manufacturing high quality products that deliver value and a little TOMY Magic.

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  1. Excellent...actually wish they had them when I was young enough to use....uhhhhhh?

  2. Oh my goodness. These would be so, so perfect for my holiday parties, especially my work party! Lol. Definitely going to check these out!

  3. My kids would go crazy over these -- especially my 8 year old. He would be hysterical.

  4. These are great! My son and nephews would love these in their stockings!

  5. OMG the boys in my life have got to have this. They have more "gas" conversations than I ever thought I'd hear in an entire lifetime.

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  7. This is such a hilarious gift. I bet this would bring out the laugh in you. I got my own targets already.

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  9. I so have to get a set of these for my grandkids! We'd all have a blast!

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