Friday, October 26, 2018

The Original "My Buddy" Towel; Mason Loves His

We received a sample in exchange for an honest an unbiased review.

If you are a parent you understand the laundry woes. We constantly look for ways to make laundry tine easier. One of the issues I have found is when the little kids want to take a bath they think they need two or more towels. You also may have a toddler who runs off in their birthday suit if your not quick enough. The Original My Buddy Towel helps these issues tremendously.

The originalMy Buddy TowelThe Original My Buddy Towel is a onesie towel that makes bath time easier and fun for the kids. We have reviewed the frog My Buddy Towel and these are just the cutest towels. A full bodied towel to dry the kids off with and they just love it.

These onesie towels are made out of a soft high quality cotton material. Their soft on the sensitive skin of young ones. You just slip them on and zip up the front it is that easy. There is a cute little hood that goes over their head.

You can choose a froggie like ours or a flamingo shark or an alligator. The cost of these towels are affordable and the kids will love them. I put mine in the washer and it came out the way it went in. These are worth making bath time and laundry time an easier task.

Did I mention how cute these ate yet? At an affordable price they would make a great gift for the coming holiday season. These are such a cute unique idea and helps make bath time fun time getting dried up. Your child will be the cutest kid at the pool in one of these.

Angelyn Myers is a mom who has six kids and is married to her high school sweetheart. The Original My Buddy Towel Website is her innovative patent-pending idea was inspired by one of her children who wanted to use too many towels at bath time.

You can purchase Shopify You can connect via @mybuddytowel Facebook and My Buddy Towel Website

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