Saturday, November 17, 2018

brain blox the Creative, Educational, Natural, STEM Gift

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

The younger kids have been playing with brain blox, a set of wooden building planks. This is an educational toy building set. They are for preschoolers all the way into adult hood, it is great for all stages of brain development.

This building set is an all natural and STEM inspired toy. It does not require connectors or magnets. Simply stack the bloxs. All you need is balance, friction and your amazing brain.

There are no limits using brain blox. I sit with the kids and we make things. Right now they are trying their hands at making ships, castles, trains and many other things from their imaginations.

brain blox planks strengthen brain development in children. They develop problem solving and reasoning abilities. These toys also foster creativity testing new ideas and understanding cause and effect. They help build cooperation confidence and appropriate interactions with others. They also help teach math and physics and engineering concepts. While they also improve dexterity and spatial awareness.

The all natural building brain blox are safe for children. They are a solid wood made from New Zealand Pine. They are non toxic, made without stains, dyes or any paint. They are just beautiful natural wood. These were created to keep families healthy happy and having fun together.

We are just loving the brain blox. I'm completely happy that they are safe and earth friendly. The kids spend hours creating amazing things from their little smart brains. These brain blox would make an excellent birthday or holiday gift.

At brain blox, they believe the healthiest and happiest kids are the ones who play. Their mission is to empower families to turn television screens off and engage in meaningful play that will bring joy to the child and nurture healthier and happier brains.

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