Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Choo Choo Shoes for Boys and Girls with Lights & Sound Effects

we received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

In my experience my little ones have never been too thrilled about getting a pair of new shoes. They would rather talk about a new toy. Recently we reviewed a pair of Choo Choo Shoes wow was my grandson was excited about these.

Choo Choo Shoes are the hot new toy sensation that is sweeping across the Nation. Each Choo Choo Shoes has a speaker that will play the sound of a real locomotive every time the shoe is stomped. If the child jumps and lands with their feet together both shoes will light up and you will hear a train whistle. The tread of the shoe will leave train tracks impression in dirt, sand, snow and water. Each shoe has an off/on switch. The batteries will last through 100,000 cycles. They never need changed or recharged.

My grandson loves his Choo Choo Shoes. When he stomps they chug and when he jumps they whistle and light up. This is a fun and cute way to get kids up and moving around in a healthy way.

Choo Choo Shoes are made out of high quality material. These are patent pending internationally and in the U.S. They are available in red and black shoes for boys as well as pink for girls.

My grandson loves jumping up and down, hearing the train sounds. There is the on and off switch for quiet time though. These would make a great gift idea for any holiday. Another great thing about Choo Choo Shoes is they don't break the bank. They are affordable.

The company behind Choo Choos has been around since 2001. They make the world's finest model railroading products. Bob Grubba, the companies founder and CEO invented Choo Choo shoes using technology similar to what they use in their model trains.

You can connect with Choo Choo Shoes via Facebook @choochooshoes Instagram Choo Choo Shoes

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