Monday, November 26, 2018

Gift the Little Book Of You on any Occasion

We received a sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

If you have been here for awhile, you probably know that reading is important to us. Whether it is from the GoodWill or getting brand new books we are always looking to add to our collection. Reading so important.

We also feel that personalized story books help to add a special element to the collection. A keepsake to be read to generations to come. Personalized story books give children a confidence boost. They feel so special to be a part of the story.

Little Book of You is a personalized story for children 0-11. It only takes 15 minutes to fill in the information for one. It is 100% customizable. It will detail the unique birth of your baby, the birth story through the fun stuff and special facts pertaining to your child. It will talk about your child's birthday, the year they were born and the amazing people waiting on him or her to be born. It will be tailored to your unique family.

You will receive 32 pages of colorful and beautiful illustrations that are custom tailored for your baby. As you can see in the book about Liam it even has his state of birth and so much more. It really depends on how much information you would like to have in the book.

The book we received was made with the highest quality materials. There isn't a doubt the book was made to last and will continue to look great even after years of reading it. The book has beautiful illustrations that are bright and colorful. It is rich in design.

This is a great idea for expecting parents it includes all the fun and wonderful details of your child's arrival. What a wonderful keepsake. For times when your child wants to talk about his birth you will have the book to help with that. It's a wonderful baby book for anyone expecting a new baby.

I gifted this to my daughter in law it is filled with information about my grandson. She really loved how the book was personalized for our family. It really touched her to get such a beautiful gift. The books are made using materials that are high quality,they are meant to last for years. This would be a loving and thoughtful gift for anyone.

Marina and James Cummins, along with their daughter Lila and their golden retriever Stella , lives in New York City. They founded little book of you in 2017. James is a co-owner of his family business, James Cummins Bookseller at a rare shop on the Upper East Side which has been in operation for nearly 40 years. Marina has worked in digital marketing and product development for more than 10 years. This project combines their love of books technology and most of all their family. Dan Dingman is a New York city-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. When he's not taking them client projects and private commissions he can be found wandering the MET.

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