Saturday, November 17, 2018

LuxePak the Perfect Gift for the Traveler

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

How many times have you traveled, got to to your destination and opened your luggage to find it completely a mess? You have either shampoo or some other liquid you have packed, maybe a lotion busted all over the inside of your luggage. You may even have had the forethought to put all your bottles in a zip lock bag, but even that didn't prevent the exploding mess.

Now you may be stuck in some part of the world you have never been to and in need of a laundromat or trying to find a cleaners. It a big inconvenience.

LuxePak was designed to help with those problems. It started out as a basic toiletry case and soon evolved into an everything case. LuxePak is customizable, water resistant, airtight and pressure resistant.

This is a hard shell creative customizable design incorporates a non skid surface for added safety. It is lightweight but TSA Compliant and durable up to 200lbs. It also features 3-2 oz. bottles with an EZ click lock or spray top, a removable bottle bracket and storage net.

This is an ingenious design that could save many luggage catastrophes. Personally, I like the organizational element. Everything has to have a place even if your on vacation or spending a weekend away from home. The LuxePak is a safe place to put your shampoos, conditioners and other essentials. It is a stylish beautiful case.

I love using the case to organize my makeup. Often times I need to grab it and bring it along event-ing for I'm not going out of town. It is nice to have it organized in this beautiful durable case. If I have anything inside it that does spill it is only a matter of using some hot water and a wipe. I think this would be a great gift idea for many people not just frequent flyers.

Another awesome thing about LuxePak is a portion of the sales go to the Unabusable organization which supports survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Dee Deep Niedzwiecki, the founder of LuxePak is a frequent Traveler. She was constantly having issues with the pressure build-up, that comes with high altitude traveling, that was affecting her toiletries. She would arrive at her various destinations and get to her hotel after a long flight and upon opening her luggage she was greeted with an explosion of shampoo and lotion all over her carefully packed clothing and accessories. After hundreds of dollars spent on laundry replacing ruined items and hours of her time that was taken away from the purpose of her trip to deal with the aftermath she felt she had to come up with a solution. She thought to herself if only she could come up with something that would contain her liquids and keep them from exploding all over her suitcase. She looked through store after store and some travel websites for ideas and could not find anything that didn't have the risk of ruining everything she traveled with. She came to the realization that she needed to come up with it herself. She wanted to develop something with a hard case so that her glass perfume and makeup bottles would not break. She also wanted something that was lightweight, would easily fit into her luggage or carry on. She needed something that would organize her items carefully because she is a little obsessive about finding what she needed in a pinch.

Six years ago she met the love of her life. He too was a frequent traveler and understood her vision and after hearing her idea said let's do it. After 3 years and several prototypes later LuxePak was born!

Deek dee likes to think of new ways to utilize her LuxePak, she has used it for her vape set, jewelry and make-up. She is still looking for something that competes with the LuxePak on store shelves but has yet to find anything that has the solutions that they have developed to avoid messy accidents and keeping with the ability to organize your belongings.

You can connect with LuxePak via Facebook and LuxePak Online

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