Monday, November 19, 2018

Missing Monday; Jennifer Lynn Marcum


Jennifer Lynn Marcum is a white female who was born June 15, 1977 in Colorado. She stands at 5'6" and weighs 115 lbs. Jennifer has brown hair , blue eyes and has her ears pierced.

Jennifer was 25 years old and worked as an exotic dancer. She drove a brown 1999 four door Saturn which was located in a remote area of the Denver International Airport. This was February 16, 2003. Jennifer had not scheduled a flight and nothing is found that indicated she had intended to board a flight.

Jennifer's boyfriend at the time Steven Ennis was incarcerated for drug related offenses. Steven was cell mates with an unsavory fellow named Scott Kimball. Scott was a habitual offender who had once attempted to take his own life. He lived through shooting himself. A relative stated that after this incident it seemed Scott had really shot his conscious dead.

Where this gets odd. Scott persuaded jail officials that his cell mate Steven and his girlfriend Jennifer were plotting to murder one of Steven's associates. Ultimately jail officials allowed him to work as an F.B.I informant on the case and he was released on early supervised release. He moved to Colorado and he initiated a friendship with Jennifer Marcum. Of course nothing had ever came of his work as an FBI informant but, he stayed on supervised release until later the next year. By the end of his supervised release he was a free man until he was arrested in 2008 for a felony weapons charge. At this time he was suspected of murdering his uncle who had mysteriously disappeared a few years prior during his supervised release.

Scott Kimball, who was the last person seen with Jennifer                                                                  before she disappeared, was interrogated by the authorities about Jennifer's whereabouts.  Eventually they offered to not charge him with his uncle's murder if he cooperated. He told them that she was dead and he had buried the body. The information Scott supplied the authorities about where they could find Jennifer's body failed and he was charged with his uncle's murder.

Scott gave information to the authorities that was in consistent with their investigation. He claimed that she had purchased a firearm and flew to New York to kill one of her boyfriend's associates referring to his earlier scheme to get the early release. None of this was true Jennifer never purchased a firearm or flew anywhere. Changed his story and told them that one of her boyfriend's associates killed her presumably in New York.

Scott Kimball ended up pleading guilty and was convicted of 2 out of 4 murders.  Jennifer's body has never been found and still remains on the FBI's most wanted missing list.

I came across a little information about a chilling phone call between Mary, Jennifer's mother and a man named Scott. He offered to tell Mary how her daughter was killed and where her daughter was buried. He asked her mother to strip and perform certain acts for the information. I can not imagine the pain that this family has had to endure.

This case really confused me, as I'm sure my post will leave you as well. I was sure at first Scott Kimball was charged with his uncle's murder and thought by confessing to knowing about Jennifer Marcum he had just found another way out of prison. As I learned I begin to feel that Jennifer Marcum may never be found because Scott did indeed murder her. After all he has already murdered three others. Was it possible that Jennifer had met up with another murderer. Or did something else happen to Jennifer Marcum.

Jennifer Marcum had a daughter who was four at the time of her disappearance. She has a family who has waited years for answers. I pray one day they get those answers. I pray one day they can bring Jennifer Marcum home. They deserve to know, if their daughter has passed they deserve as well that  she a rightful place of rest. Where her family can go to remember her, mourn her and celebrate the life that was Jennifer Marcum.

As always my upmost respect,
Love and Light to all,

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